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Interview: Thailand aims to further enhance Thailand-China strategic partnership
The Thailand-China relations have been developed in a positive and constructive way since the diplomatic ties between the two countries were established 30 years ago, and now it is time to push it to a higher plane, said Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra before his departure to China on the occasion of 30th anniversary of bilateral relations.
Conversation: Rob Portman
Rob Portman, the new US trade representative, discusses the US trade deficit with China and the controversial Central America Free Trade Agreement.
India replacing China as new trade attraction
With China-ASEAN free trade already under way, other free-trade agreements that are in the works include China-Australia, China-New Zealand, China-India, China-Pakistan and China-Chile as well as recent initiatives with Iceland, Japan, Korea and Thailand. However, this focus is likely to change, shifting slowly but steadily toward India.
Breakthrough in FTA talks expected soon
The third round of negotiations between China and New Zealand to establish a free trade area (FTA) did not result in a major breakthrough. But a breakthrough may be achieved in the not-too-distant future.
Thai-Chinese FTA leads to soaring bilateral trade
Trade between Thailand and China has shot up to 24 billion baht ($60 million) over the first 20 months of the enforcement of the bilateral free trade area (FTA) agreement, with Thailand holding the balance of trade by over 11 billion baht ($27.5 million), according to the Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, Rachane Potjanasuntorn.
Human rights ’not on table’ in China FTA
Trade Minister Mark Vaile says the Government will not "sell out" human rights issues to get a better deal on a free trade agreement with China.
Expert dampens China FTA hopes
AUSTRALIANS should not expect too much from a China-Australia free trade agreement, the Howard Government’s lead negotiator for the deal warned yesterday.
China, ROK willing to advance FTA process
China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Friday expressed their positive attitude towards speeding up research about establishing a free trade area (FTA) amid the fast-growth economic ties between the two countries.
Australian Govt to get tough on China trade issues
Trade Minister Mark Vaile signalled a major assault on tariffs, quarantine systems and intellectual property laws as part of free trade negotiations with China.
Dairy connection to free-trade deal
Despite last week’s political hype caused by Prime Minister Helen Clark’s talks with China’s top leadership - much of it fuelled by Clark - there is a big gap between the two sides on free-trade talks.
Dance with the dragon
Negotiating a free-trade deal with China will secure our interests and smooth the way for further exports.
China keen for wide trade deal
China’s decision to accelerate free trade talks with New Zealand will deliver Prime Minister Helen Clark a huge electoral "plum" if a deal is cemented before September.
The rise and rise of Asian trade
A mammoth regional grouping involving Asean and other countries and groups is in the works.
China-ASEAN FTA to boost regional integration —Merrill Lynch
The China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) will spur regional integration and address China’s security issues relating to food and energy supply, Merrill Lynch said.
Clark tells China NZ wants to be first
Prime Minister Helen Clark has told China’s leaders she wants New Zealand to be the first developed nation to sign a free-trade deal with the Asian economic powerhouse.
Taiwan needs free trade agreement with US to ward off China: Chen
Taiwan desperately needs a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States to protect itself against rival China’s growing economic dominance, the island’s President Chen Shui-bian told a visiting US senator.
Interview: Chile turns to Australia in Asia Pacific push
On Friday, Chile will formally unveil free trade agreements with New Zealand, Singapore and Brunei, building on existing agreements with South Korea, Canada, the US and the European Union. Next on Chile’s FTA hit list are Asian giants China, Japan and India.
China, Chile warm to FTA
China and Chile are to sign an agreement next Tuesday cementing their co-operation in developing a joint copper industry. Following this, a third round of China and Chile’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks is set to be held next month in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.
FTA with China won’t cut into clothes market
China won’t get special access to our $9 billion textile market as part of a looming free trade agreement between Canberra and Beijing, senior trade negotiators have told Australia’s clothing industry.
China launches its first FTA feasibility study with a European country
A local researcher said Thursday that China’s announcement of the launch of feasibility study on a free trade agreement (FTA) with Iceland is "of great significance. "