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Costa Rica

Costa Rica-China trade deal
Costa Rica said on Monday it was on the verge of reaching a free trade deal with China as the Central American nation and the fast-growing Asian economy held talks.
Singapore, Costa Rica conclude free trade negotiations
The agreement eliminates tariffs, liberalises trade in services and gives new protection to investors.
In Costa Rica, CAFTA hits a snag
While the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States technically has been in effect in Costa Rica for more than a year, one piece of it still languishes in the Legislative Assembly awaiting approval: changes to Costa RIca’s copyright rules.
S’pore, Costa Rica, to ink FTA
It will be Costa Rica’s first with an Asian country
German investor launches ICSID case against Costa Rica over alleged expropriation of land near endangered turtle habitat
German investor Reinhard Unglaube, a resident of Costa Rica, has commenced arbitration against his host country over the latter’s refusal to grant the appropriate permits to extend his eco-tourist hotel complex in Playa Grande, Costa Rica.
China and Costa Rica move toward free trade agreement
China wants ties in the region, Costa Rica wants Chinese goods. But not everyone’s pleased.
Costa Rica: March against impacts of CAFTA
On 6 October, two years after the fraud that ordered the adoption of the FTA with the US, there was a People’s Walk for Dignity in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica.
As China-Costa Rica trade talks push forward, so does resistance
As deliberations over a possible free-trade agreement (FTA) between Costa Rica and China continue, opposition from some of Costa Rica’s leading business associations is growing stronger.
China, Costa Rica make progress in free trade talks
China and Costa Rica concluded the fourth round of negotiations in Beijing aimed at reaching a free trade agreement, according to the foreign trade ministry.
Costa Rica advances in free trade talks with China, Singapore
Both accords are expected to be finalized within the first half of 2010.
China proves tough negotiator for Costa Rica
During the second round of free trade negotiations last week, China’s negotiating team discussed allowing 94 percent of Costa Rican goods to access the Chinese market, but left out key products such as coffee, sugar, beef, pork and chicken.
Costa Rica denies blocking negotiation with EU
On April 1, Nicaragua withdrew from FTA talks with the EU in Honduras as it failed to gain support of other Central American countries on the fund proposal for regional development, in which it suggested the EU accounts for 90 percent and Central America 10 percent. Nicaragua accused Costa Rica of demanding "in the last moment" to review the proposal.
China courts Costa Rica; expands its presence in Washington’s backyard
Costa Rica and China may seem to be an unlikely pairing; however, both governments have moved to deepen their ties and cement regional integration based on the pursuit of a free trade agreement, which was brought a step closer by the completion of the first round of negotiations on January 19.
Costa Rica, Singapore set to negotiate free trade agreement
Costa Rica and Singapore will begin negotiating a free trade agreement on April 20, the foreign trade ministry announced on Thursday.
European Union and Central America for Partnership in 2009
The European Union (EU) and Central America started on Monday the sixth round of negotiations for a Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the commitment to speed up the process so that it can be signed in 2009.
China and Costa Rica begin free trade talks
China and Costa Rica on Monday began talks for a free trade treaty under which the Central American nation hopes to export meat, plants, fruit and coffee to the Asian giant
Costa Rica-S’pore FTA talks
Costa Rica and Singapore on Tuesday announced their intent to start talks on a bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
China, Costa Rica to launch trade talks
China and Costa Rica will launch free trade talks in January and hope to seal a deal by 2010, Chinese President Hu Jintao said Monday during his first visit to a Central American country.
Ending 4-year battle, Costa Rica approves CAFTA
Costa Rica is finally ready to join the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Costa Rican economist says CAFTA is a bad deal
Costa Rican economist and former presidential candidate Ottón Solís spent the spring at the University of Florida as the Bacardi Family Eminent Scholar, teaching a course on free-trade agreements in the Americas at the university’s Center for Latin American Studies.