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Dominican Republic

The U.S. isn’t pressuring Dominican Republic, ambassador says
United States ambassador Hans Hertell denied yesterday that his nation is making last minute for incorporating the Dominican Republic to the Free Trade Agreement in July, affirming that what the U.S. only expects is that the Caribbean nation complies with what it originally negotiated and signed.
Dominican Republic Wants In On Trade Talks
Ambassador Eduardo Tejera hopes his country can join a multilateral trade deal with Canada similar to the one it already has with the U.S., but he worries that the Dominican Republic may have missed its opportunity.
Crucial week for Free Trade set to start on the 1st
As of this upcoming weekend, the government faces two important challenges: Friday, June 30th is the last day for the legal standing of the 13% tax on imports, and on the next day, the 1st of July, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is scheduled to start.
Dominican delegation to propose creating adjustment funds in European negotiations
The Dominican Republic, jointly with the other CARICOM (Caribbean) nations will propose to the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) countries, creating structural adjustment funds to cover costs of the transition toward free trade, within the framework of negotiations with the European Union.
Bear Stearns doubts short delay onto DR-CAFTA would affect investment
A short term delay before implementing the DR-CAFTA trade accord should not significantly affect investment plans in the country, according to the U.S. investment company, Bear Stearns.
Eleven days till Free Trade and doubts linger on
Only eleven days before the scheduled date for entering the DR-CAFTA trade accord, officials doubt that the stipulated time slot will be met, because, according to them, the Dominican Republic is in no condition to render to new U.S. exigencies by July 1st.
Small farmers wary of CAFTA
Whether the nation is ready or not, the 800-page DR-CAFTA treaty, replete with new rules and regulations, is set to become reality for the country.
Dominican president to visit Seoul
President Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic will sign a number of official documents in Seoul, including a memorandum of understanding on guaranteeing bilateral investment.
By 80%, Dominican firms cannot compete in Free Trade
Approximately 80% of the 4,000 firms that operate in the country are not prepared to compete in the framework of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and Central America (DR-CAFTA).
Entrepreneurs request: "no further Free Trade delays"
The Dominican Chamber of Commerce and Production yesterday requested of the government to avoid postponing implementation of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the United States.
Government to have an extra RD$2.35B income if Free Trade is delayed
The possible postponement of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Central America (DR-CAFTA) would secure for the central government additional income of, at least, RD$2,350 million during the second half of this year.
Europeans seek integration of the Dominican Republic into the Caribbean
One of the little understood aspects of the negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe is that it requires the determination of which nations constitute the region.
DR: New US exigencies for integration onto Free Trade
The United States reportedly threatened to leave the Dominican Republic out of the Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the U.S. (DR-CAFTA), if local authorities do not accept other requirements aside from the original negotiation.
DR-CAFTA expected to compel curricula revisions in universities
Education minister suggested this Tuesday that universities in the country should be subject of a revision of their respective curricula in light of the upcoming Free Trade Agreement with the Central America and the United States.
Electricity crisis and high cost obstacle to TLC
The ongoing electrical crisis and its high cost will adversely affect the production of groups looking forward to participate with their businesses in the United States, Dominican Republic and central America Free Trade agreement (CAFTA-DR), said Miguel Cocco, Custom’s Director General.
US gains more than Dominicans with DR-CAFTA
A study by Pareto consulting group shows that DR-CAFTA will be more favorable to the US than to the Dominican Republic.
Taiwan’s president touts free trade with Dominican Republic
Taiwan president Chen Shui-Bian said yesterday that negotiations with the Dominican Republic are advancing toward the signing of a Free Trade Agreement, in which both nations seek to establish a strategic economic and trade alliance that allows them to conquer the United States market.
’Ill feelings’ about EPA
There are a number of "misconceptions" circulating about the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) being negotiated between CARICOM, the Dominican Republic, and the European Union, according to the principal EPA negotiators.
Report considers DR hastily plunged into CAFTA trade accord
Central American countries had negotiated every issue, and the Dominican Republic simply adhered to all that had already been convened.
Taiwan working on FTA talks with Latin American nations: Official
Taiwan’s free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with Nicaragua are expected to be finalized by the end of this year. In addition, Taiwan is scheduled to start FTA talks this year with El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.