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Electricity crisis and high cost obstacle to TLC

Dominican Today

Electricity crisis and high cost obstacle to TLC

6 May 2006

SANTO DOMINGO.- The ongoing electrical crisis and its high cost will adversely affect the production of groups looking forward to participate with their businesses in the United States, Dominican Republic and central America Free Trade agreement (CAFTA-DR), said Miguel Cocco, Custom’s Director General.

He warned on the necessity that together with the starting of (CAFTA-DR), measures are developed to find a definitive solution to the power problem otherwise; the productive sector will not be able to compete.

We must understand that in addition to being precarious, the electrical service in the country is the most expensive among the countries that are going to compete for the United States market.

Nevertheless, he thinks that in spite of that problem, Dominican Republic cannot afford the luxury of remaining outside the agreement, nor to postpone the starting of trade under the agreement beyond this year’s 1st of July, as is predicted.

Starting after the predicted date would compromise the privilege of being the hemisphere’s eighth supplier and sixth buyer of products in the United States market.