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East African Community

Small firms say AfCFTA tariff liberalization may push them out of business
The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is expected to significantly boost intra-Africa trade when fully implemented, but small businesses in East Africa are not happy about it, as it may not bode well for them.
All eyes on Kenya, EAC after European parliament backs free trade pact
Lawmakers at the European Parliament this week voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new bilateral deal that will boost trade between Kenya and the EU bloc.
EAC set to negotiate trade agreements with UK, UAE after EPA flops
At least seven countries have requested free trade arrangements with the East. African Community (EAC), as the bloc also intensifies efforts to expand the markets for its products.
"We call upon Members of European Parliament to vote against the EU-Kenya EPA"
In an open letter signed by over thirty organisations from Kenya and the EU, civil society groups call on MEPs to vote against the agreement.
Kenya blushes as EAC-EU trade agreements clash
Kenya’s recently completed trade deals have run into stormy waters after Nairobi applied higher import duties on whiskies and wines from the United Kingdom and the European Union (EA) respectively, two jurisdictions with which it signed Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
How Uganda AGOA ban impacts East Africa investments
The decision by the Biden administration to kick out Uganda from its African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) programme could have far-reaching consequences on the investment climate in the East African region.
Kenya’s hurdles in trade negotiations with United States
American President Joe Biden recently pledged to make Nairobi the investment magnet in Africa. For this to happen, Kenya and the United States must make considerable progress towards a bilateral trade deal under the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP) framework.
US trade with Kenya may be breeding some anxiety
According to officials, even as trade and investment negotiations with Kenya continue, the US appears to be more interested in the African Continental Free Trade Area and the AGOA agreement.
United States and Kenya to hold second negotiating round under the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership
The United States and Kenya will hold a second in-person round under the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP) in Washington, DC, from October 4-7, 2023.
EU-Kenya deal paints gloomy picture for EAC trade ties
Due to Kenya’s economic partnership agreement with the EU, it will be difficult for Uganda to differentiate similar goods coming from Kenya, from those manufactured in the EU.
Katherine Tai to visit Kenya for US – EAC trade talks
The United States Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, is set to travel to Nairobi from July 17 – 19. She will co-lead a meeting of the U.S. – East African Community (EAC) Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA Council).
Kenya-EU Economic Partnership Agreement: a closer look reveals limited progress
The journey of EPAs continues to unfold, with each chapter revealing new complexities and challenges. As negotiations progress, it remains crucial to monitor the evolving dynamics and their implications for trade relations between the EU and its partner countries.
See why Kenya’s new deal with the European Union is making the rest of East Africa uneasy
Concerned about a recent agreement Kenya and the European Union (EU) agreed into, the East African Business Council (EABC) is uneasy.
Kenya-EU trade deal: Why the East African Community was left out
Kenya’s President William Ruto hailed his country’s "remarkable partnership" with the European Union (EU) as the two sides inked a 25-year trade deal, but it has raised questions about East African unity.
The EAC: A customs union that isn’t.
Negotiations between the EU and EAC to establish an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) have revealed, very clearly, that the EAC is not a genuine customs union.
EAC proposes flexible US market access under AGOA plan
The East African Community (EAC) wants the US government to make the rules governing access to their market more flexible under the planned renewal of the African Growth Opportunity Act (Agoa).
EU-Kenya business forum: Ruto pushes for EU-EAC economic partnership deal
The first European Union-Kenya Business Forum concluded on Wednesday Feb.22 in capital, Nairobi, with Kenya’s William Ruto urging the EU to conclude economic partnership deal with the East African Community (EAC) regional bloc.
EAC-Comesa-SADC tripartite trade deal in place by April, Ruto says
The EAC-Comesa-SADC tripartite agreement will be in place by the end of April 2023, President William Ruto has said.
EAC-Comesa-SADC tripartite trade deal in place by April, Ruto says
The EAC-Comesa-SADC tripartite agreement will be in place by the end of April 2023, President William Ruto has said.
Kenya-US complete first round of trade talks
Kenya and the United States have concluded the first round of Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership (STIP) that will form a basis for future bilateral engagements.