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Transatlantic convergence of preferential trade agreements environmental clauses
The United States and the European Union include several environmental clauses in their respective preferential trade agreements.
Ecuador awarded USD41 million in counterclaim against US oil and gas company Burlington Resources
The tribunal ordered Burlington to pay USD41 million in compensation to Ecuador for environmental and infrastructure damage.
Replacing NAFTA: Eight essential changes to an environmentally destructive deal
To transform NAFTA from a polluter-friendly deal into one that supports environmental protection, any renegotiation must include, at a minimum, these eight changes.
Freeland to press for new labour, environmental sections within NAFTA
Chrystia Freeland will push for additional labour and environmental sections when she shares broad strokes of Canada’s goals for the upcoming NAFTA talks.
The Bilcon NAFTA tribunal: a clash of investor protection and sustainability-based environmental assessments
The Bilcon tribunal ruling raises a number of concerns about the ability of investor protection tribunals to properly assess whether a foreign investor has been treated fairly under a domestic environmental assessment process.
Ceta and pesticides: A citizens’ rights issue
The EU will soon be forced to choose between honouring its trade commitments and abiding by the law on public access to environmental information.
Report: CETA threatens European Union pesticide protections
A new report warns that the EU-Canada trade deal (CETA) would weaken EU pesticide protections and increase human and environmental exposure to dangerous pesticides.
New trade deals jeopardise EU green transport goals, NGO warns
Upcoming free trade deals with biofuel-producing countries in Asia and South America will undermine the European Union’s goals to decarbonise the transport sector.
NAFTA lawsuits target Canada most while U.S. hasn’t lost yet
When it comes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada can safely claim the title of biggest loser in terms of lawsuits.
Leaked trade papers expose EU failure to uphold transparency and environment standards
A leak of documents related to a looming trade deal with Japan (known as JEFTA) has revealed the EU’s failure to live up to improve transparency and uphold environmental standards in trade policy promises.
Europe and Japan near trade deal as U.S. takes protectionist path
The partial draft of the deal was obtained by Greenpeace. The environmental groups worry that the deal falls short on a number of issues, including curbing the illegal timber trade and tackling overfishing.
Community perspectives in investor-state arbitration
This report examines whether and how investor-state arbitral tribunals consider community perspectives, interests and rights in their settlement of investment disputes.
Ten principles for trade
The current global trade and investment regime imposes high social and environmental costs on people and planet.
New Asia-Pacific trade agreement lacks protections for one-sixth of world’s forests
RCEP should make sure it promotes and protects the legal trade of forest products.
Corporate sovereignty used to bully Ukraine, Colombia and Italy for protecting public health and the environment
ISDS is an attempt to remove the risk of investment from companies, and place it squarely on the public’s shoulders, without any quid pro quo.
EU-Mercosur FTA - draft chapter on trade and sustainable development (EU proposal, Apr 2017)
As released by the European Commission
Kingsgate seeks Thai gold mine resolution
Australian goldminer Kingsgate Consolidated is banking on free trade agreement provisions to press the Thai government to open talks over its 2016 decision to shut all gold mines.
Renco failed to comply with formal waiver requirement under US–Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
Renco alleged that Peru breached its TPA obligations to afford fair and equitable treatment and national treatment, as well as certain contractual obligations.
PCA tribunal dismisses expropriation and FET claims concerning an eco-touristic venture
A tribunal under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) dismissed all claims by Canadian businessman Peter A. Allard against Barbados.
A new NAFTA, but not necessarily a better one
NAFTA has its fair share of critics who want to see it updated. But if Trump has his way, a re-negotiated agreement may prove disappointing.