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Scholar advises ACP countries
African, Caribbean and Pacific countries need to press for increased protocol tonnage to safeguard itself, a scholar advised.
Tavola eyed for diplomatic job
Ousted foreign affairs minister Kaliopate Tavola could be called to lead the Pacific’s Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) talks with the European Union.
10 reasons to challenge the Pacific EPA
Do the Pacific Islands’ negotiators genuinely hope they can negotiate a beneficial Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union or are they simply going through the motions and doing what is required of them under the Cotonou Agreement 2000? In the secretive chess game of trade negotiations it is impossible to know.
Understanding Fiji’s trade agreements
Most of us are usually kept in the dark when it comes to assessing the impact of trade agreements signed by our government. But this should not be the trend because whatever agreements are signed by our leaders eventually affect us all.
Fiji seeks bilateral deals with Asian countries
Fiji is set to negotiate new bilateral economic partnership agreements with India, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Fiji: China-Australia free trade agreement puts Fiji in further bind
Fiji’s garment industry will face more problems if a free trade agreement (FTA) is signed between Australia and China, says Fiji Textile Clothing and Footwear President, Ramesh Solanki.
US-NZ FTA prospects dip
New Zealand’s chances of securing free trade talks with the United States have taken a knock.
Fiji: 1st Pacific island nation ready to implement FTA
Fiji has announced it is ready to implement a regional free trade agreement, the Pacific Islands Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), as soon as practicable.
Fiji: NGOs want more consultation
Non-Governmental Organisation’s and regional civil society organizations are concerned that not enough thought is being given to trade agreements, says coordinator Stanley Simpson.
PICTA, PACER and EPAs: Where are we going?
It has been a relatively easy matter for Pacific Islands Country (PIC) governments to sign regional trade agreements such as PICTA (Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement - excluding Australia and New Zealand) and PACER (Pacific Agreement for Closer Economic Relations - including Australia and NZ.)
Reassess free trade agreements
Recent experience with the implementation the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Free Trade Area Agreement effectively illustrates how Pacific leaders sign regional and international agreements without adequate consultation and assessment at national and local level.