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"We call upon Members of European Parliament to vote against the EU-Kenya EPA"
In an open letter signed by over thirty organisations from Kenya and the EU, civil society groups call on MEPs to vote against the agreement.
Cars v cows: German automakers call to split EU-Mercosur deal to bypass French ‘non’
The EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be split into two distinctive parts to circumvent French resistance based on agricultural issues, the German car industry has proposed, in a bid to boost export markets other than China.
EU-Mercosur trade talks still alive, Brussels says in rebuke to France’s Macron
The European Commission assured that talks on the EU-Mercosur trade agreement continue after a French official claimed President Emmanuel Macron had convinced the bloc’s executive to bury the deal.
France says EU Commission to end trade deal talks with Mercosur countries
French President has told the European Commission that it was impossible to conclude trade deal negotiations with South America’s Mercosur bloc and understands the EU has put an end to the talks, his office said.
France ’opposes signing’ of EU-Mercosur trade deal, says prime minister
French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal says President Emmanuel Macron "has always opposed" the free-trade deal negotiated between the European Union and the Mercosur trade bloc.
Brazil President Lula criticises EU as Mercosur free-trade deal delayed
Brazilian president slams "lack of flexibility" from European countries as the EU and Mercosur say they need more time to finalise a massive trade deal.
Macron concerns derail EU-South America trade deal yet again
Le sommet du Mercosur prévu le 7 décembre (2023) est annulé. Ce nouvel échec témoigne de la difficulté pour l’Union européenne de signer des accords de ce type avec des pays éloignés des standards communautaires.
Korea protests France’s EV subsidy rules
Korea is expressing strong concerns over France’s proposed revision of electric vehicle subsidies as it could violate the Korea-European Union Free Trade Agreement, according to industry officials and trade experts.
Analysis: Spain hatches plan to win Macron over to EU-Mercosur trade pact
The Spanish Prime Minister will attempt to persuade the French President the Mercosur pact would help the EU to broaden its alliances with other open, democratic nations and to "rebalance" the geopolitical map.
EU, Mercosur will ’take time’ to conclude trade deal, says French official
French government official says European Union and Mercosur both want to "take their time" to finalise trade deal.
Europe’s disunity over China deepens
France, Germany and EU institutions are at odds over whether to revive the stalled Comprehensive Agreement on Investment with China.
Goyal, France’s Becht discuss India-EU FTA
Trade minister Piyush Goyal discussed the progress on the India-EU free trade agreement with his French counterpart Olivier Becht, the commerce ministry said in a statement.
EU agri ministers push back against Mercosur deal
A number of EU countries spoke out against reviving the EU-Mercosur trade deal during a meeting of agriculture ministers in Brussels on Monday 20 March. But with an agreement already hammered out, room for change is limited.
EU hopes Macron will budge on Latin American trade deal
In Brussels, several EU diplomats believe France could change its mind as geopolitical tensions following the war in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic strengthen the case for the 27-nation bloc to diversify its trading relationships.
France awaits climate progress in EU-Mercosur talks -agriculture minister
France is waiting to see if Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s return to power in Brazil will allow progress on climate and deforestation issues that remain red lines for Paris in any EU-Mercosur trade deal, its agriculture minister said.
France touts trade partnership with Morocco amid tensions
The French government has touted trade cooperation with Morocco amid diplomatic tension affecting the Rabat-Paris bilateral ties.
France officially leaves Energy Charter Treaty
France confirmed the decision announced by Macron in October and notified the other signatories of the withdrawal, which will take effect on January 1, 2024.
France becomes latest country to leave controversial energy charter treaty
Quitting the ECT, which protects fossil fuel investors from policy changes that might threaten their profits, was ‘coherent’ with Paris climate deal, Macron said.
Signs of an emerging France-Algeria-Tunisia axis to restrain Morocco
The visit was thus a telling declaration of intentions from both the Tunisian and Algerian regimes, who have ever since appeared to be striving to deepen bilateral ties to form a Maghrebi bloc to undermine Morocco’s strategic interests.
Trade discussions ’stalled’ over climate
Negotiations for a "critical" trade deal with the European Union have "stalled" over perceptions Australia isn’t "fair dinkum" on climate change action, and due to a fractured relationship with France.