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Arbitration ruling from the ICSID delivered in favor of Sodexo’s benefits and rewards activities in Hungary
Hungarian State has been ordered to pay Sodexo an award of about 73 million euro, before interest.
France to keep European audiovisual sector out of post-Brexit UK-EU free trade agreement
French president Emmanuel Macron has confirmed France will ensure the European audiovisual sector is excluded from any all-encompassing UK-EU free trade agreement (FTA) post Brexit.
Mercosur and EU trade negotiators meet in Brasilia
This is the first time the two blocs are meeting after statements made by France’s Macron about Brazil’s Bolsonaro caused tension and doubt about the partnership.
How the lobbies used the threat of ISDS to neuter the Hulot Act
The documents highlight for the first time the pressure placed on the French parliament by a foreign company’s threat to use the ISDS mechanism.
Inclusion of Paris Agreement in CETA at risk
France wants to make compliance with the Paris Agreement on climate a precondition to signing European trade agreements. However, this is an issue where France is struggling to get the other 27 EU members to agree.
US courts allies with free trade offers at G20, France resists
The United States sought to woo Europe and Japan with free trade deals to gain leverage in an escalating tariff war with China but its overtures faced stiff resistance from France at a G20 finance ministers meeting.
China and France reach beef agreement
The two nations reached a health and safety accord, which will give the green light to France to export chilled and frozen beef to China.
Veolia loses ISDS case against Egypt – after six years and millions in costs
Veolia has finally lost its claim against Egypt over a waste management contract dispute in which they claimed compensation for an increase in the minimum wage under a new labour law.
Airbus withdraws arbitration demand over $3.7 billion helicopter deal
The Polish General Counsel has announced that Airbus Helicopters has withdrawn its application for international arbitration over its dispute with Poland.
France supports Australia-EU FTA: Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron has thrown his support behind Australia’s push for a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
New Zealand PM pushes for EU trade deal
New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pushed for a "progressive" free-trade agreement with the European Union.
France rules out UK bid to include banks in EU trade deal
French Economy Minister rejects financial services to be part of a free-trade deal with the European Union after Brexit.
French farmers hold tractor protests in Mercosur warning to Macron
French farmers drove tractors through town centres and blocked highways to oppose extra agricultural imports from South America, raising pressure on President Emmanuel Macron in the run-up to a politically sensitive Paris farm show.
Free trade pact would break EU-Turkey deadlock
Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Paris earlier this month was beset with bitter messages from French president Emmanuel Macron on Turkey’s EU journey, as he openly remarked that political developments in Turkey were blocking its EU accession bid and the idea of a new partnership instead of full membership needs to be entertained.
Suez accepts 25% haircut from Argentina to end dispute
French co. agreed to $275 million to settle 12-year dispute. Engie is the biggest shareholder in water, sewer company.
What’s your beef? Mercosur trade talks falter
A battle over beef between the European Union and Argentina and Brazil could push trade talks beyond a year-end deadline and lead to further years of delay.
Macron puts trade policy on summit table
Macron wants "an overall vision to find a balance between trade openness and protection" of EU markets and citizens, rather than "adding piece after piece" to the EU trade policy "puzzle".
France seeks food safety inclusion in EU-Mercosur deal - envoy
France will propose changing the European Commission’s mandate to negotiate a trade deal with South America’s Mercosur bloc to include food safety provisions.
Ireland and France furious with EU over plan to import more beef from Brazil
The European Union (EU) is facing a stinging attack from Ireland and France after Europe moved to open up the lucrative beef market to Brazil.
La filière viande demande l’exclusion totale de la viande bovine de cet accord
Interbev et la FNB s’offusquent de la proposition de la Commission européenne d’octroyer un contingent tarifaire annuel de 70 000 tonnes de viande bovine dans le cadre des négociations commerciales avec les pays du Mercosur.