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FTAs (texts of)

free trade agreements (access to texts of)

EU-Colombia-Peru FTA (2010)
As agreed to on 30 March 2010
NZ-Hong Kong FTA (2010)
As signed on 29 March 2010
EU-Korea FTA (2009)
EU-Canada FTA (CETA) - EC negotiating directive (proposal of April 2009)
Explanatory memorandum in English and French. Text of proposed negotiating mandate in Spanish.
US trade policies limit 52 governments’ use of capital controls to fight financial crisis
As the global economy descends further into crisis, a new report finds that U.S. trade and investment agreements with 52 countries have removed one tool that has proved effective in past crises: capital controls.
Chile-China FTA (2006)
New Zealand-China FTA (2008)
EU-Caribbean FTA (2007)
As initialled on 16 Dec 2007 and signed on 15 Oct 2008
EU-SADC interim FTA (2007)
Initialled by Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique on 23 November 2007