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Americanization of the BIT universe
Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (FCN) treaties are more than a historical precursor to international investment agreements (IIA) and continue to influence and inspire modern investment treaty design.
Renegotiation of Korea-US FTA may dent alliance: Seoul officials
A demand to renegotiate the terms of a free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United States may very well mean the end of the bilateral trade pact, if not the countries’ alliance.
Migrants from the South, the contemporary faces of exclusion and marginalization
Today’s migrations, as macro international displacements of hundreds of thousands of people with or without documents — in many cases in precarious conditions of transit — have been and are one of the social processes that characterize what is happening in different latitudes of the earth since in the new century, in the global context of neoliberal economic restructuring directed by transnational enterprises and the capitalist countries of the first world.
Diplomats want treaties: diplomatic agendas and perks in the investment regime
Strategic foreign policy considerations have driven some investment treaty negotiations. Secondly, some diplomats have been successful in promoting investment treaties to further their own individual interests.
Obama to push trade agenda at summit with Southeast Asian nations
A summit between Southeast Asian leaders and President Barack Obama is unlikely to deliver any big economic prizes, but will allow the American side to press the advantages of joining a Pacific trade pact that doesn’t include China.
The geopolitics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a US imperial strategy
It is a trade deal that seeks to buttress the dominant role of the United States in shaping the political and economic world order by fending off a formidable challenger like China. At its very core, TPPA is geopolitical.
Hun Sen to join Asean leaders in US meeting with Obama
Prime Minister Hun Sen will join other Asean leaders for a special meeting with US President Barack Obama.
Eyeing Beijing, Obama plans summit with ASEAN leaders
The U.S. aims to build a unified front against China’s efforts to control the South China Sea. Obama is expected to call for ASEAN members’ cooperation and urge more of them to join the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
China to push alternative trade pact at Apec
China will seek to push its own vision of an Asia-Pacific trade pact at a regional summit next week, senior officials said, after this month’s release of a rival US-led deal that pointedly excludes the Asian giant.
The TTIP of the spear
Selling Europe’s trade agreement with America as “strategic” has problems
A European (Fairy) Tale?
With the signing of the secret TAFTA agreements, the EU might very well be embarking on a cruise that would seal the fate of Europe as we know it.
Japan, Mongolia affirm closer economic ties via free trade pact
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Mongolian Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg to advance economic cooperation between the two countries on the back of a free trade agreement
Why geopolitical arguments in favour of TTIP are also flawed
The geopolitical ‘setting global standards’ argument that has become central to the advocates’ discourse on TTIP is seriously flawed. TTIP will only lead to high global standards under certain conditions and these conditions are unlikely to be met.
EU backs free trade agreement with Ukraine’s entry into effect on Jan 1, 2016 – foreign minister
Ukraine-EU Association Agreement will be fully applicable as of 01.01.2016,
Vietnam et Etats-Unis : une nouvelle ère stratégique ?
Les relations entre Hanoi et Washington, ennemis d’hier, entrent dans une nouvelle ère. Au-delà du symbole, l’enjeu est la redéfinition des rapports de forces en Asie-Pacifique, avec la Chine au centre du jeu.
Free-trade treaties are anti-free trade
Free trade treaties are not really based on free trade but rather on protectionism.
Obama woos Asia with trade deal asserting US Pacific role
Trade officials from 12 governments are gathering in Hawaii next week to attempt to hash out the final details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a potential bonanza for US corporations.
TPP ’cold war taking place by proxy’
The Trans Pacific Partnership is a ’’geopolitical contest’’ between the United States and China, University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey says.
Lawmakers are using trade rules to blacklist critics of Israel
Legislation to fast track new trade pacts specifically targets supporters of the BDS movement against the Israeli occupation.
US Congress passes anti-BDS legislation, key trade bill
The so-called trade promotion authority bill passed by Congress requires US negotiators to make the rejection of the BDS campaign a principal trade objective in negotiations with the European Union.