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Trade and climate internationalism
Trade deals are used to extract valuable resources from the Global South - but a recent victory shows we can make a difference.
NFUniversity: Colonial roots of modern free trade agreements
This talk will explore the colonial origins of modern international trade. Geopolitics, power relations, and corporate interests have shaped trade rules for over 500 years before it reached its current form.
US senators oppose Indonesia FTA that paves way for nickel subsidies
US lawmakers have expressed concern about signing a limited free trade agreement with Indonesia, as the country’s mining and refining industry is dominated by companies from China.
‘Silent coup’: how capitalism defeated decolonization
The crumbling of European empires after WWII didn’t usher in a new era of democracy—instead, we now live in a regime of international corporate rule.
The global economy’s real enemy is geopolitics, not protectionism
What was called ‘free trade’ in the West was only a phase of hyper-globalization that didn’t work equally well for all, while recent inward turns can be taken as a rebalancing of priorities.
India looking at FTAs for strategic considerations also, says Commerce Secretary
India is looking at Free Trade Agreements not only from the trade point of view but also keeping in mind the country’s strategic needs, especially with regard to the smooth supply of critical minerals, a top government official said.
Europe and the ‘new Washington consensus’
US National Security Advisor promoted a ‘new Washington consensus’ in a speech, which fits very well in the current debate in Brussels on economic and trade policy.
‘India, EU can redo int’l economic order’
A trade relationship between India and the European Union holds the potential to significantly reshape the global economic order, but the two entities need to find common ground on various issues first.
Trade: US trade policies a new form of “colonialism”?
The US policies in global trade appear somewhat like “old wine in new bottles,” with some semantic sophistry. It appears that “the more things change the more they remain the same” as regards the new forms of colonialism.
Honduras ends FTA with Taiwan after president visits China
Honduras told Taiwan it is ending their bilateral free trade agreement, effective from the end of 2023.
New economic framework IPEF an empty US pledge: Financial Times
Without substantial new access to the US market or other trade privileges on offer, there’s little incentive for partner countries to make big commitments themselves.
China’s Xi says willing to begin free trade talks with Honduras
Honduras’ President Xiomara Castro is on a six-day official visit to China. She launched diplomatic relations with Beijing after cutting ties with Taiwan. The country is also seeking support from China to mitigate its debt burden.
German FM calls Brazil to align more with the West
The still not yet ratified EU-Mercosur trade deal could be among the main keys to the rapprochement of like-minded democratic states as it would “make it clear that democracies when they work together, can solve global challenges,” said German Foreign Minister.
LEAK: EU to prioritise Mercosur deal, establish closer ties with Latin America
The EU will prioritise concluding a long-delayed trade deal with South America’s Mercosur bloc and closer institutional cooperation as it seeks new allies to reduce economic dependencies on China and counter Russia.
Internal docs suggest Trudeau wants China blocked from Pacific Rim trade deal
While the Liberals insist a Pacific Rim trade bloc should welcome any country that meets its standards, an internal document suggests Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants China kept out of the deal.
US-Taiwan relations: New trade deal signed as China tensions rise
It is the first agreement under a framework for talks between Washington and Taipei called the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade.
EU, US to weigh China, AI, trade strains at high-level Sweden talks
Top US and European Union officials meet to weigh how best to deal with China and cooperate on artificial intelligence and other future technology as well as EU complaints about Trump-era tariffs and US green subsidies.
14 IPEF nations forge stronger supply chains to reduce reliance on China
In an evident attempt to decrease their dependency on China and prepare for potential future supply chain challenges, 14 nations involved in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework have reached an agreement.
How colonialism shaped free trade agreements: from colonies to neoliberalism (part 3/3)
Colonial practices are still felt today, as capital-exporting states and their investors shape trade and investment rules while ignoring the populations of capital-importing countries.
How colonialism shaped free trade agreements: the imposition of Western legal regimes (part 2/3)
Colonialism resulted in the imposition of a legal trade and investment regime favourable to European colonial states and companies, which is still felt today.