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Why Britain joining the CPTPP is clearly not about the economy
‘Global Britain’ needs new friends and trading partners as the economic harm from Brexit becomes clear.
Free-trade deals lite
The White House is brokering trade deals with Europe that could loosen sourcing rules in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), President Biden’s plan for green domestic manufacturing.
EU recovers appetite for trade in green industry push
The European Union is aiming to enact up to five trade deals in record time to ensure its future as a clean tech leader, by securing supplies of key raw materials, increasing markets for green exports and reducing its reliance on China.
How Chinese companies are challenging national security decisions that could delay 5G network rollout
A relatively new strategy for China is to challenge national security decisions before international tribunals using a method called investor-state dispute settlement.
US wants Bangladesh to join Indo-Pacific Strategy
The US has been persuading Bangladesh to join in the Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, commonly known as the “Quad”, and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).
China, Saudi Arabia cement ties with deals including Huawei
Chinese President Xi Jinping hails ‘new era’ in relationship with Gulf as he meets Saudi crown prince, king.
What is the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, about to be negotiated in Brisbane?
Australia is about to play host to negotiators from 14 countries involved in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework over six days in Brisbane.
Canada’s IPEF bid has support from all members: trade minister
The Indo-Pacific has become a greater foreign policy priority for major economies like Canada, which released a comprehensive economic and diplomatic strategy for the region.
What ‘friend-shoring’ means for trade in a less-friendly world
The recent escalating series of trade disruptions has called into question the vision of a globalized economy.
Bitter friends: Inside the summit aiming to heal EU-US trade rift
The European Union is up in arms over Biden’s plans for hefty subsidies for made-in-America electric cars, claiming these payments, which partly kick in from January 1, are nothing more than outright trade protectionism.
How Asean can bridge US-China gap and reap economic benefits amid potential flashpoints
A ‘non-aligned’ foreign policy is key, as is Asean’s preference for dialogue and cooperation over the intense rivalry of the great powers.
The US-driven Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) for Prosperity: TPPA in drag or a vacuous vanity project?
When the US launches a high level and concerted re-branding exercise, something big is happening. The latest target is the “Asia-Pacific” region, now to be known as the “Indo-Pacific”.
Taiwan aims for British trade deal as minister meets president
Taiwan hopes to sign a trade deal with the UK, and that Britain will support Taiwan’s membership of the trade group, President Tsai said.
China lashes out at UK over trade talks in Taiwan
China has lashed out at the UK for sending trade minister Greg Hands to talks in Taiwan, insisting that “official contacts” with the self-governing island republic must cease.
US pressuring new left-wing Honduras government over privatized cities
US senators argue that abolishing special economic zones known as ZEDEs would violate the provisions of CAFTA-DR, including the provision ensuring “fair and equitable treatment and full protection and security.”
Containment to Cold War 2.0
Canada should consider non-aligned options for international cooperation focused on decarbonization and climate change, migration, public health, and labour standard across the supply chain.
US chip war version 2: Decoupling from China or declaring war?
From the slogan of globalisation and “free trade” of the neoliberal 90s, the US has reverted to good old technology denial regimes followed by the US and its allies during the Cold War.
EU says ‘fully committed’ to Mercosur deal as region comes into focus
The EU is ‘fully committed’ to moving ahead with the stalling Mercosur free-trade deal with the South American bloc and should do so before “other actors intervene,” EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell said.
Panama plays US off against China in FTA talks, but has limited hand
Panama’s decision to restart negotiations towards a free trade agreement with China appear to be an attempt to pressure the US’ own trade agenda.
Free trade between Eurasian Economic Union & Iran may launch next year
The head of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said in an interview that the Islamic Republic may implement a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union as of next year.