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Tensions grow ahead of EU-Ukraine summit
Days before a crunch EU-Ukraine summit on 19 December, Kyiv is under increased pressure as Brussels urges its leaders to release political prisoners and Russia moves to take control of its gas pipeline network, diplomats told EurActiv.
Linking Kashmir to trade
The European Parliament has passed a resolution linking a Free Trade Agreement with India to an improvement in its human rights records, and to greater democracy.
India, Pakistan agree to enhance trade
India and Pakistan agreed Thursday to set up a joint working group to enhance trade, in a further move designed to ease tensions between the nuclear-armed South Asian rivals, officials said.
Tackling trans-Pacific trade
With a third round of negotiations scheduled to be held in Brunei in October, the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) still faces ambiguity in promoting its intentions.
Free trade, disputed waters
The full story of China-Asean relations is a mix of good and bad.
Politics behind trade
When politicians and bureaucrats make frequent remarks about the welfare and interests of citizens, one senses another election season is coming. That seems to be the case with the United States these days.
Is the US ready to challenge China’s Asean influence?
Proposals by a prominent Washington senator to push the US government into a free trade agreement with Asean may be no more than a political prod to get President Barack Obama more engaged in Southeast Asia.
Taiwan and China: Reunification by trade?
Free-trade agreements are often contentious but rarely would one have as much strategic significance as that proposed between China and Taiwan.
AIPAC and the US-Colombia free trade deal
By paying off IAI and laying the groundwork for future Israeli weapons purchases, the Colombian government clearly hopes to win the support of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to help pass the US-Colombia FTA.
A helping Chinese hand
A new investment fund and loan package to help alleviate the impact of the global financial crisis for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) represents the latest overture of China’s "soft power" campaign towards the region.
US Muslim group seeks to nix US-Israel Free Trade agreement
Global pharmaceuticals companies, which often argue that Israel should pass stricter legislation to protect intellectual property, have received support from an unexpected corner recently: the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) has filed an urgent petition to the United States Trade Representative demanding the immediate suspension of preferential Israeli access to the US market under the Free Trade Area agreement.
US Security Council ’wants FTA with Korea ratified’
"Inside US Trade", an American magazine, last Saturday quoted sources as saying NSC officials believe that the passage of the FTA bill will cement the Korea-U.S. alliance at a time when tension is mounting on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of North Korea’s launch of a long-range rocket.
Social organizations oppose signing economic agreement with China
Farmers, medium-sized and small businesses will lose out while capitalists will reap the most benefits if an Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Taiwan and China is signed. An ECFA is also a prelude to reunification.
China seeks ‘comprehensive’ economic pact with Taiwan
China will push for a comprehensive economic accord with Taiwan and wants to broaden discussions to involve military issues, Premier Wen Jiabao said.
Activists demand referendum on CECA proposal
Alliance of Referendum for Taiwan representative Tsay Ting-kuei said that if Taiwan signs a CECA under the “one China” principle, the agreement would symbolize Taiwan’s surrender to China.
Maltese civil society: Suspend EU-Israel agreement
In view of the recent three-week premeditated campaign of bombing of the population of Gaza and its infrastructure by the State of Israel which came after a crippling, illegal two-year siege, we, 14 member organizations of SKOP, the Maltese national platform of development non-governmental organizations, call for a suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Taiwan, China negotiating a landmark free-trade sgreement
Taiwan and China are negotiating a wide-ranging free-trade agreement that represents an important step toward the possibility of unification of the longtime adversaries.
China’s latest geopolitical assault on Latin American commodities and bilateral trade
Two key figures in Chinese politics embarked on a tour of Latin American countries on February 9, in a sign that the Asian superpower is intent on consolidating its already substantial stake in the region.
Montrealers occupy Minister’s office in solidarity with Gaza. "Tear up Quebec-Israel bilateral accord! Condemn Israel’s attack on Gaza!"
Montrealers are occupying the ministerial office of Raymond Bachand, Quebec’s Economic Development Minister, in solidarity with Gaza and to call on the Charest government to immediately rescind the Quebec-Israel economic accord.
Thousand deaths do not put off EU
Two conflicting statements about EU-Israeli relations were delivered Jan. 14, as the number of Palestinians, about one-third of them children, killed in Gaza continued to climb. The European Commission’s envoy in Jerusalem claimed that a proposed ’upgrading’ in relations with Israel cannot "proceed business as usual." Yet his statement was soon contradicted by the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency.