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South-South strategic alternatives to the global economic system and power regime
An exciting development is the number of new South-South inter-governmental alliances that are emerging to defend their interests and challenge the bias of the current global trade and investment regime.
China’s grand plans for Africa a two-way trade
Trade with China is likely to become an increasingly politically sensitive issue for a number of countries on the continent. That is because China is essentially buying the continent’s oil and minerals and selling back manufactured goods, a type of relationship redolent of a colonial one and similar to most of Africa’s existing trade relations with Europe and the US.
Some dangers and prospects of the regional and international situations
In the economic field, imperialism’s consternation with the slow pace of forging multilateral North-South agreements under the Doha round of meetings of the World Trade Organization have led to the more energetic push for bilateral Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
Delhi divided over Chinese ’threat’
Ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to New Delhi this month, security concerns about firms from his country investing in India is turning into a touchy issue.
The importance of free trade agreements
The European relations with the Arab World can be regarded as a model that the US should follow. The evidence lies in the welcome of free trade agreements between the EU and Arab countries, and in the doubts about free trade agreements with the US.
Europe should study Syria incentives - lawmakers
The European Parliament has reaffirmed that Syria must respect democratic values and human rights before the Council of 25 EU member states could approve the EU-Syria Association Agreement that has been on ice for two years.
Global capital: Scrambling to save trade perks
The Bush administration has a prescription for fighting coca growing, sidelining Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and saving thousands of jobs in Latin America: extending free trade for Andean nations.
Does investment always foster development? The effects of BITs on developing countries
BITs are generally crafted as political documents and quite often contain no mention of development. Western countries prefer to prioritize investment. If a development objective is involved, it is often generalized to the exclusion of any role for government.
Chen lauds ties with Central American allies
Taiwan will continue to enhance economic ties with its Central American allies through either bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) or the "Jung Pang Project," President Chen Shui-bian said yesterday.
Uruguay at center of lively US-Venezuela chess game
Long taken for granted by its much larger neighbors, Uruguay suddenly finds itself one of the main fronts in the struggle between the United States and Venezuela for dominance in South America. Washington is offering a free-trade agreement that would pull Uruguay into the United States’ orbit and weaken Mercosur, the regional trade group to which Uruguay and Venezuela belong. Mr. Chávez has countered with attention-getting investments, subsidized oil, acts of charity and a growing alliance with left-wing factions of the ruling Broad Front.
Political issues weigh on trade talks
At issue are commodities as varied as rice, apparel and automobiles, as well as lucrative new markets in banking and other financial services, with potentially billions of dollars in commerce at stake. But for several countries negotiating trade pacts with the US, the outcome may have less to do with economics than with American election-year politics.
’Vision group’ says Asean and EU regions would benefit from pact
Burma and the US elections are singled out as sticking points.
Salem outlines measures to protect workers’ rights in QIZs - Jordan
Jordan’s Minister of Labour Bassem Salem on Sunday met with US Ambassador David Hale and delegates of the Office of the US Trade Representative to outline efforts to safeguard workers’ rights in the country’s Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ).
Malaysian youth movement calls for suspension of Malaysia-US FTA negotiations in support Lebanon
The Youth Movement at Malaysia’s ruling National Party have called for suspension of Malaysia US free trade negotiations for the White House’s objection to ceasefire calls in Lebanon and urged immediate trial of Israel before the ICJ for its brutal aggressions against the Lebanese and Palestinians.
South Africa: Opportunities abound as world woos Africa
Washington recently played host to the annual African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) forum, an annual event mandated by the Agoa legislation which brings together stakeholders from Africa and the US.
U.S. blocked S.K.-China trade deal: politician
According to recently-released data from a conference held last year, when China showed its intention to seek a free trade agreement with Korea, the U.S. gave a strong warning and the Korean government backed away from the deal, going with the U.S. instead.
S Korea denies report of rejecting China’s FTA offer on US worries
South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-chong on Thursday denied a report that the Seoul government rejected China’s proposal to sign a free trade agreement last year after the United States expressed concerns over Beijing’s huge presence in Northeast Asia.
Managing Globalization: A new trade bandwagon - Are rich-poor pacts fair?
You might as well call it Newton’s Third Law of Trade Negotiations.
No san-tong, no U.S. FTA
The U.S. has bluntly warned the pro-independence government of President Chen Shui-bian that it will not negotiate a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Taiwan unless the island opens san-tong (three direct transport links) with the mainland, the island’s biggest export market.
Australia, Japan hope to start FTA talks
Visiting Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer expressed hope that Canberra could enter into official negotiations on a free trade agreement with Japan next year by concluding the ongoing feasibility study at an early date, Japanese officials said.