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Heo Se-Wook

Korean man dies after beef protest
A South Korean man, Lee Byong-Ryol, has died in hospital two weeks after setting himself ablaze in protest at a deal to resume US beef imports.
Huh Se-uk lives on in our struggle
Huh Se-uk has died, but he lives on in our struggle, which continues. Inheriting his message and strength, we will defeat the Korea-US FTA.
Anti-FTA rally expected in Seoul in memory of dead protester
A massive rally is expected in downtown Seoul Wednesday as thousands of protesters are to gather to pay tribute to a man who burnt himself to death in protest of free trade talks between South Korea and the United States.
KCTU union member dies from self-immolation attempt in protest of the KOR-US FTA
On 11:23 am, April 15th, KCTU union member, Bro. Heo Se-Wook, passed away from septicemia as a result of the massive immune system response to the third degree burns all over his body after he attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire as an act of resistance against the KORUS FTA on April 1st.
Analysis: Korean cab driver self immolates to protest free trade agreement
Although this FTA is poised to reshape the landscape of South Korea and become the United States’ second largest trade deal after NAFTA, Americans have heard virtually nothing about it.
South Korean workers demand free trade deal with US be canceled
Thousands of South Korean workers took to the streets of the capital Saturday, demanding that a just-concluded free trade agreement between their country and the United States be scrapped.
FTA protestor who immolated himself in serious condition
Heo Se-ok, who set himself on fire on April 1 in protest of the Korean government’s moves to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US, still remains in serious condition with burns over 63 percent of body, hospital officials said. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions issued a statement holding the government responsible for Heo’s taking of extreme measures to protest the situation.
Self burning against Kor-US FTA
A taxi driver Heo Seuk, 54 years old man, burnned himself and left his last speech, "Give up the KorUS FTA". He was in the fire for 2 minutes and the ambulance arrived 5 minutes later. Fortunately he is alive now. But his doctor Lee Jeongsub explained that the probability that he would survive is 20 30 percent.
KCTU union member attempting self-immolation as an act of resistance KORUS FTA!
Around 3:55 pm, April 1st 2007, Bro. Heo Se-Wook (54), a union member of KCTU, was attempting to suicide by self-immolation as an act of resistance against the Korea-US FTA negotiation. His health condition is very serious and receiving an emergency medical treatment at the Hangang Scared Heart Hospital. We need your solidarity and support.
S Korean protester sets himself ablaze outside FTA talks
A South Korean protester set himself on fire on Sunday outside a Seoul hotel where talks on a free trade pact with the United States are in their final hours, witnesses and hospital officials said.
S Korean man attempts self-immolation against FTA with US
A South Korean man set himself afire on Sunday to dramatize his opposition to a proposed free trade agreement between his country and the United States, as negotiations were coming to a close, with an extended deadline only hours away. The 56-year-old taxi driver, identified only by his surname Heo, was in serious condition at a hospital after the protest 20 meters from the front gate of a heavily guarded Seoul hotel where the final talks were under way.