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TiSA leaks set alarm bells ringing
TiSA is the perfect example on how the new generation of trade agreements is threatening our security and privacy online and non-discriminatory internet access.
Where is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership headed?
The latest round of RCEP talks paints a worrisome picture for the global south, given that it will bring 3.5 billion people and 12% of world trade into its fold.
Where does India stand on intellectual property rights in the digital economy?
A scrutiny of TPP, TISA and RCEP provisions that deal with IP and the digital economy vis-a-vis the current Indian legal standard.
Digital trade on the hill: hearing on expanding U.S. digital trade and eliminating digital trade barriers
Digital trade issues continue to grow in importance to the U.S. economy as people and businesses find new and innovative ways to use data and technology to deliver more goods and services via the Internet.
Privacy Shield: Privacy sham
The European Commission adopted the so-called “Privacy Shield”, a special arrangement that allows the transfer of personal data from the EU to the United States.
Internet groups push for safe harbors in TiSA
Digital associations from across the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are pushing for negotiators of the Trade in Services Agreement to include safe harbor protections.
Study launch: The EU can achieve data protection-proof trade agreements
The purpose of the study was to have an independent assessment on the respect of privacy and data protection by trade agreements being negotiated by the European Union.
Trade in Services Agreement ministerial round in Paris
Ministers from the WTO economies negotiating the Trade in Services Agreement met but made no substantial improvements on any of the thorniest issues,
Secret new Internet rules in the Trade in Services Agreement
New materials from the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) were released by Wikileaks, revealing that negotiators from around the world have been continuing to craft new rules that will affect all Internet users.
Trans Pacific Partnership makes it “quite likely” that Canadians’ confidential data would be subject to US Patriot Act: MP
A provision in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement makes it “quite likely” that banking information could be “accessible to American security intelligence agencies.”
Why releasing text isn’t enough: behind the scenes of TTIP
As welcome as the leak is, it doesn’t fix these systemic flaws in the process of negotiating trade agreements such as TTIP and the TPP.
CETA: ISDS and data protection
In case the EU would strongly act to protect our personal data, Canadian financial institutions would be able to exploit the textual shortcomings using CETA’s investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism.
RCEP talks could affect startups by allowing patenting of computer software
Several startups and civil society members fought hard over the last year to prevent the allowing of software patents in India.
TISA plurilateral accord by year end?
Trade envoys of the United States, the European Union, and Australia among others decided to accelerate negotiations towards a plurilateral deal called the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) by the end of this year.
India, EU fail to make headway on free trade agreement talks
India and EU have failed to made the much-awaited announcement on resumption of long stalled negotiations for a free trade agreement as many bottlenecks still remain.
Indonesia to focus on digital economy, services
The government aims to boost cooperation for the digital economy and services sectors within the framework of the ongoing Indonesia-Australia comprehensive economic partnership agreement.
Latest round of TTIP talks boost momentum
Progress was made in the latest round of TTIP talks, but negotiators have a long way to go if the deal is to be signed before Barack Obama leaves office.
Open letter to Věra Jourová: from Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield, words in the wind
The "Privacy Shield", an agreement stemming from an exchange of letters, only contains vague promises.
White House’s claims that the TPP would curb Internet censorship are fantasy
Inside the narrower and closed context of trade agreements, “free flow of information” is used exclusively to tackle the commercial consequences of restrictions on data flows.
Mozilla, EFF, and Creative Commons call for more openness in trade negotiations
Browser maker Mozilla, digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Creative Commons have called for more openness in global trade agreements.