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TPP denounced in Peru as US-led negotiations end
On Monday, a coalition of Peruvian civil society organizations issued a strong warning as negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP) come to an end.
Go to prison for sharing files? That’s what Hollywood wants in the secret TPP deal
Like the various other digital copyright enforcement provisions in TPP, the criminal enforcement language loosely reflects the United States’ DMCA but is abstracted enough that the US can pressure other nations to enact rules that are much worse for users.
Trade In Services Agreement: Goodbye privacy, hello censorship
Internet privacy and net neutrality would become things of the past if the secret Trade In Services Agreement comes to fruition.
It doesn’t matter who does the lobbying: Trade agreements aren’t the place for internet regulations
Recent TiSA leaks show that not just content industry players, but now internet companies are lobbying for their interests in trade deals.
Leak shows: Trade treaty TiSA could undermine national data protection regulations
The secretly negotiated trade treaty TiSA — short for “Agreement on Trade in Services” — jeopardizes privacy protection in international data transfers.
Proposal of new provisions applicable to all services of the secret TISA negotiations
AWP releases a bilingual copy of the Proposal of New Provisions Applicable to All Services and the Annex on Professional Services of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA).
TISA negotiations: Yes to e-commerce, data flows, no to IPR, data protection?
After two years of negotiations, the draft Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) stands at 17 horizontal and sector-specific proposals, negotiators told Intellectual Property Watch after the 2-5 December Geneva round of negotiations
NSA’s surveillance a ’trade barrier’ for EU companies
The US National Security Agency’s mass surveillance is a trade barrier for European Internet companies trying to provide services in the United States, a top EU official said yesterday (8 December).
Fight secret copyright deals: A global TPP teach-in
A public online teach-in with representatives from several digital rights groups based in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries who share their analysis of the latest leaked text and lay out the current state of play of the negotiations
WATCH It’s Our Future: why the TPP should matter to you
One of the most controversial parts of the TPP is the changes to copyright and Intellectual Property rights that would affect how we share and collaborate online.
Latest TPP leak shows US still pushing terrible DRM and copyright term proposals—and new threats arise
Electronic Frontier Foundation’s analysis of the new draft Trans-Pacific Partnership intellectual property chapter leaked by Wikileaks
Australia: Harper review recommends scrutiny of trade agreement IP clauses
A panel conducting a review of Australia competition policy landscape has recommended increased scrutiny of intellectual property-related clauses in trade agreements.
’Sharing is not a crime’: Why a Colombian student faces prison for posting research online
A South American biologist who found a five-year-old master’s degree thesis online, then shared it with fellow graduate students on a Web page, could spend the next eight years in prison for copyright infringement — thanks to the US-Colombia FTA.
Overcoming Transatlantic differences on intellectual property: IPR and the TTIP negotiations
A report from the European Parliament Research Service
Videos from TACD’s June 25, 2014 side event on intellectual property in the US, EU trade agreement (TTIP)
A set of videos from the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue’s June 25, 2014 event on intellectual property and the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement.
French concerns over geographical indications will hamper TTIP talks
Wine is a casus belli for the French government, who may block transatlantic negotiations if geographical indications are not protected. EurActiv France reports.
Privacy and the e-commerce chapter of the TPP
US proposals for free flow of information across borders and a ban on local server requirements could hamper other governments’ ability to uphold national privacy laws and regulations for off-shored personal data
How the revolving door lets Hollywood shape Obama’s trade agenda
The revolving door between industry groups and the Obama administration’s trade shop has been busy lately.
Pirate party: Zombie walk against TTIP in Berlin
German Pirate Party invited everyone for a Zombie Walk to protest against the draft contract of the secretively crafted transatlantic trade agreement (TTIP) in Berlin on Easter Saturday.
US wants to outlaw EU cloud in TTIP negotiations
Privacy is not on the table in the TTIP negotiations, but data flows are, which brings privacy to the table, explains Ante Wessels of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII)