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US Senate approves US-Uruguay bilateral investment treaty
The US-Uruguay Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) will benefit the economies of both countries, is an important step toward closer economic cooperation between the two nations and reflects the United States’ commitment to explore and expand economic opportunities in the Western Hemisphere, say senior U.S. officials.
Pakistan-US talks on Bilateral Investment Treaty next month
Pakistan and the United States will hold the fifth round of negotiations on the draft Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) early next month in a bid to develop consensus on the remaining disputed clauses of the agreement.
Analysis: Will UNCITRAL arbitrations become even more secretive?
Proposals tabled by the Vienna-based UNCITRAL Secretariat could make it more difficult for observers to discover and monitor international arbitrations taking place under the UNCITRAL rules.
Market opening to hit local fund managers
Local asset management companies are closely monitoring the ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) talks between South Korea and the United States, wary of the latter’s demand for easier access to the domestic fund market.
India offers economic pact to Nepal
India has offered to deepen its bilateral trade relations with Nepal by mooting a comprehensive economic parternship agreement (CEPA) to include services and investment. It has also offered to negotiate a more liberal bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement (BIPPA).
SADC investment protocol welcomed
The association of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Chambers of Commerce and Industry cautiously welcome the signing of the finance and investment protocol by leaders of the 14-member regional trading bloc in Lesotho’s capital Maseru last week Friday.
Court denies Occidental bid for assets - Ecuador
An international arbitration court has rejected a request by Occidental Petroleum Corp. to stop Ecuador from seizing its assets in the Andean country, a government official said on Tuesday.
Investment provisions in economic integration agreements
The growing proliferation of economic integration investment agreements (EIIAs) has led to a multilayered and multifaceted web of investment rules.
Could US firms be left in the cold?
US enterprises are chafing at the bit to get into Vietnam, yet many business heads are concerned that if Congress does not establish permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with their former foe, then firms from other countries will have a trade advantage.
Mugabe delays signing investor law
The future of South African investment in mining and precious metals still hangs in the balance as Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has delayed signing laws that will protect the business interests of investors.
SA bid to shield assets in Zim
The South African government is trying to protect its citizens’ rights in the face of Zimbabwean nationalisation moves.
’Pacts on services, investment should follow Asean FTA’
Having submitted a revised offer to break the deadlock over the free trade negotiations with the Asean, India has now made clear that the pacts on services and investment will have to be implemented within a year of the implementation of the free trade agreement on goods.
Canada examining its Foreign Investment Protection Treaty Program
Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is currently considering expanding the countries covered by its bilateral investment protection agreements. Potential future partners include a number of Caribbean and Latin American countries, as well as Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Libya, Israel, and South Africa, among many others.
US gives Pakistan ‘non-paper’ on BIT
The United States has given a “non paper” to Pakistan that shows some flexibility for signing the much-delayed Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between the two countries soon.
Zimbabwe: Government move on Bippas rekindles hope
Government has finished Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) negotiations with France, Italy and Indonesia, a move analysts say gives a glimmer of hope to other countries whose nationals lost their agro-ventures during the land reform programme.
US for early signing of BIT with Pakistan
The Bush administration has indicated its willingness to revise America’s investment procedures and to remove some of the harsh conditions to facilitate the signing of the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with Pakistan by September, 2006.
Mercosur plans to return to dialogue with the GCC in September
The Mercosur wants to return to free trade treaty talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in September, after the holiday period in the Arab world and before Ramadan, the holy month that this year should begin around September 22. The idea is to organize a meeting between representatives of both blocs in Riyadh, the Saudi capital.
Seoul reveals a lack of experience in FTA negotiations
"We are learning new things while we’re negotiating with the American representatives," said a Korean official who was part of the labor section negotiation team during the first round of the Korea-U.S. FTA talks, held in Washington last June. "The U.S. is demanding the introduction of a so-called ’public communication system,’ which was a term that we heard for the first time," the negotiator told Hankyoreh.
Trade pact with China stuck over security
Security concerns over investments from China is impacting the proposed Bilateral Investment Promotion Agreement with Beijing. North Block’s proposal to amend the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) is stuck, delaying the signing of the agreement.
Canada: The Occidental Tourist - Expropriation Claim Tests BIT Efficacy
The outcome of Occidental Petroleum’s latest dispute with Ecuador will be an important test of the effectiveness of BITs in protecting overseas investor rights in volatile political climates.