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Peru, Colombia trade deals would lock in more bad investment rules
The investment rules in the Colombia and Peru trade pacts with the US deserve special scrutiny. They grant protections for private foreign investors that are virtually identical to those in NAFTA, CAFTA and myriad bilateral investment treaties signed over the past two decades. And yet these countries are being pulled on board at a time of a dramatic awakening about these rules’ potential for harm.
China agrees more talks on service sector reform
The US and China on Friday agreed to intensify discussions about the opening up of China’s services sector and explore the possibility of a bilateral investment treaty at the conclusion of this week’s high level talks in Beijing.
The new ’Global Europe’ strategy of the EU: Serving corporations worldwide and at home
Alert to European civil society groups, trade unions and social movements from the Seattle to Brussels Network
Canada signs Bilateral Investment Treaty with Peru — India and China are next
On November 14, 2006, Canada and Peru signed a bilateral investment treaty (BIT), otherwise referred to as a Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPA). This is Canada’s first BIT to be negotiated in eight years and the first BIT to be based on Canada’s new 2004 Model FIPA.
A critique of the EU-Latin America Business Summit in Vienna
Parallel to the 4th EU-Latin America/Caribbean Summit in Vienna this week, large corporations from both regions will gather at a Business Summit. Apart from discussing business opportunities in different sectors, the 300 business representatives attending the event are expected to demand that governments speed up a whole range of free trade talks between the two regions.
Unequal partners
This paper by Claire Godfrey provides a wide-ranging look at the many problems with the EPAs, and investigates how these could impact on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ future development.
The con/dominion of Vanuatu?
A case study that looks at the impacts from liberalisation of the tourism industry in Vanuatu.
Canada, Peru sign agreement on foreign investment protection
Canada and Peru on Tuesday signed a Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement, the first one of its kind that Canada has signed with a foreign country in eight years.
Developments in international investment agreements in 2005
UNCTAD released its second IIA Monitor for the year 2006 focusing on developments in international investment agreements (IIAs) for the year 2005.
China, Russia agree to expand energy, trade links
China and Russia agreed to expand cooperation in energy, trade and other areas Thursday, signing contracts worth more than 800 million dollars and a bilateral agreement to promote and protect investments.
US-Uruguay bilateral investment treaty enters into force
The US-Uruguay BIT is the first BIT the United States has concluded since 1999, and is the first BIT concluded on the basis of the US model BIT text, which was finalized in 2004.
Africa: Arbitration nation
A number of African governments have made efforts to encourage investment in the continent by entering into bilateral investment treaties and adopting arbitration legislation.
Great leap in Japanese investment in Vietnam forecast
Vietnam and Japan have had an agreement on investment liberalisation and protection which works as the foundation for attracting and creating open environment for investment. The economic partnership agreement will further focus on trade: commodity trade, service trade and intellectual property protection.
India to sign Bipa with Ethiopia
India will sign an investment protection pact with Ethiopia as part of measures to increase the flow of capital as well as trade between the two countries, a senior government official said on Wednesday.
Analysis on the PIC’s draft text of Pacific EPA
This is a preliminary analysis of the Pacific Islands’ draft text of the Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement and the EC’s ‘non-paper’ on services and investment.
Bush free trade plan puts Amazon up for grabs
The Bush administration is quietly pressing for a free trade agreement with Peru that will put the Amazon rainforest - often described as one of the earth’s lungs - on the chopping block.
T&T, Mexico investment treaty signed
Trinidad and Tobago yesterday concluded the negotiation of its "fastest ever bilateral investment treaty" with another country, in this instance Mexico, Trade and Industry Minister, Ken Valley revealed.
No decision yet on RoZs
The United States has not decided so far as to what will be manufactured in the much-talked Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) proposed by US President George W bush during his visit to Pakistan in March 2006.
IP rights under investment agreements: the TRIPS-plus implications for enforcement and protection of public interest
One of the issues that has recently started to influence the negotiations for new investment agreements involves the question of the status of IP rights and the impact of investment agreements on the rights, obligations and regulatory discretions of countries under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO).