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Howard scores big in China
You can’t win ’em all. Fast-jetting Australian Prime Minister John Howard discovered that on his latest barnstorming through East Asia. In Beijing he was buoyed by the success of signing on to a feasibility study aimed at preceding a free trade agreement (FTA). In Tokyo he got the usual welcoming smiles but no deal on an FTA.
India looks for FTA ray from land of rising sun
Setting the stage for a quantum jump in economic ties, India and Japan have decided to look at the formation of a free trade area (FTA), with an eye on more than doubling bilateral trade to $10bn.
EU worries that Thai-Japan FTA could hit auto industry
The proposed Thai-Japanese free trade agreement should be carefully considered so as not to disadvantage other trading partners, European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson told Thailand yesterday.
Trilateral free trade agreement
Not too long ago, the entire country and the National Assembly agonized over the ratification of Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Its final National Assembly passage was delayed from the strong opposition of many people, particularly from farmers. It is remarkable to learn that the Korean government is now either negotiating or planning to negotiate with as many as 50 countries to complete their FTAs by 2007.
Textile makers oppose FTA over origin of raw materials
Thai textile and garment producers say they will lose opportunities to sell to Japan if conditions requested by Tokyo are incorporated into a free trade area (FTA) agreement now being negotiated.
Editorial: Asian FTA negotiations: It’s up to Tokyo to set a positive example
The Thailand-Japan free trade agreement will be counterproductive in Japan’s trade negotiations with other countries in the days ahead.
Filipinos protest lopsided Japan-RP deal; demand disclosure of Japan-RP trade negotiations
The SNR Coalition scored today the ongoing negotiations for a bilateral trade agreeement between the Japan and Philippine governments called Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) which was to be completed and signed in July of this year.
Japan-Malaysia economic pact may be signed in December
Malaysia and Japan are close to agreeing in principle the issues related to trade talks and other matters negotiated under the Japan-Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement (JMEPA).
Japan settles for ’low-risk, low-return’ FTA goals
Prudish about bilateral free-trade agreements just five years ago, Tokyo is now fielding partnership requests from 25 economies and regional blocs. But there is no denying an element of haphazardness in the way it is selecting some of the candidates.
Farmers want guarantee on Japan FTA
The National Farmers Federation says a free trade agreement (FTA) between Australia and Japan would be counterproductive if it did not include agriculture
Agriculture must be in Japan FTA: Labor
There is no point proceeding with a feasibility study into a free trade agreement between Australia and Japan if agriculture is excluded from the deal, Labor says.
FTA might ignore farmers
Agriculture might not feature in a free trade deal between Australia and Japan, with Prime Minister John Howard acknowledging it may be too big an obstacle to overcome.
Step closer toward Japan-Australia FTA
Heading down what Japan’s agricultural sector fear could be a bumpy road, Prime Minster Junichiro Koizumi and Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Wednesday announced a joint feasibility study into a free trade agreement between the two countries.
Agriculture ’a must’ in Japan FTA
There is no point proceeding with a feasibility study into a free trade agreement between Australia and Japan if agriculture is excluded from the deal, Labor says.
Indonesia may only need FTA with Japan, Australia, US: Economist
A leading economist said Indonesia does not necessarily seek to have free trade agreement (FTA) bilaterally with many other countries.
Japan could back off FTA with Australia
Japan has decided not to pursue free trade talks with Australia because of concerns that its agricultural industry could be harmed, a news report said yesterday.
No support in Japanese beef industry for FTA with Australia
When he leaves China for Japan tomorrow, Prime Minister, John Howard, will still be focusing on a free trade deal. He will be asking his Japanese counterpart, Junichiro Koizumi, to start down the track of a Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Japan.
Brunei, Japan talking FTA
Japan on Wednesday began the first round of talks on reaching a free trade agreement (FTA) with ASEAN in a move that could be a driving force to build an East Asian community.
FTA deal shaky over agriculture
Australia’s prospects of a trade breakthrough with Japan this week have been undermined by new regional tensions and growing domestic opposition.
Economic Partnership Agreements and the "East Asian Community" - The Meaning of the Japan-Philippines EPA
Except for the areas of trade in goods and work permits for Filipino nurses, what will be achieved through the Japan-Philippines EPA is nothing more than maintaining the status quo.