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Germany eyes stronger relations, trade and investment with Laos
Dr Lindner added that he hoped Laos’ chairmanship of Asean this year will also be a platform to strengthen ties with European Union countries, and to review the progress of EU members on finalising trade agreements with Asean.
RCEP members encouraged to harmonize rules
Members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership can further improve the alignment of operational guidelines across key sectors such as competition policy and trade in services to elevate mutual openness, said trade experts and foreign scholars on Sunday.
Chinese investment upheavals anger Laos’ indigenous tribes
Nowadays, China is its largest foreign investor and aid provider in a series of infrastructure projects. But critics have raised serious concerns about the impact of the projects, pointing at their gigantic price tags and environmental issues, among others.
Laos cuts import tariffs on over 8,000 ASEAN goods
Lao authorities have reduced import tariffs on 8,536 items to zero as part of efforts in establishing the ASEAN Free Trade Area, which currently Laos is already flooded with foreign product.
US, Laos hold first meeting under TIFA
The United States and Laos affirmed their interest in growing bilateral trade and investment‎ between them, committing to continue work on outstanding bilateral issues.
Lao farm products to enjoy tariff exemptions
The farm products comprise crops and livestock as well as home-grown products.
Laos, Vietnam expand free trade agreement
Laos and Vietnam signed an improved free trade agreement (FTA) on March 3, 2015, to replace their existing treaty dating back to 1998.
Japan targets Southeast Asia in jostle for regional economic sway
Japan is stepping up an economic charm offensive in Southeast Asia in the latest sign of rival efforts by leading powers to profit from the single market due to be launched soon in the populous region.
A cautionary tale: Laos violates another Sanum agreement
Sanum Investments Limited ("Sanum") had seemingly found a winning formula with its hospitality and entertainment enterprises in Lao PDR, until the Government arbitrarily revoked licences, cancelled concessions, imposed wrongful tax penalties and, most significantly, forcibly took control of its highly lucrative Thanaleng Slot Club.
ASEAN’s newer members and the Asian noodle bowl: coming to grips with multilateralism
Jayant Menon discusses the trade policy challenges faced by Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam (CLMV)—the newest members of ASEAN. The paper concludes that the multilateralised single-rate system is a better alternative to the multiple-rate system and thus suggests that CLMV countries should follow the original ASEAN members and multilateralize their CEPT tariff preferences. It encourages both old and new members to do the same, especially in the context of proliferating ASEAN+1 FTAs
Thai-Lao business blossoms
The value of cross-border trade between Thailand and Laos is forecast to reach 80 billion baht at the end of this year, as the Thai government is pursuing a new strategy to optimise free trade agreements.
Commentary: RP-Lao bilateral agreement a milestone in ASEAN accord
The signing of bilateral agreement early evening of June 8 between two ASEAN member nations, the Philippines and Lao People’s Democratic Republic, is not only a milestone in the more than 50 years of friendly relations between said countries, it is also a landmark in the ASEAN accord.
Trade accord with Laos signed
The Philippines and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic signed yesterday an agreement on the promotion and protection of investments to increase bilateral trade that has remained low between the two members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
Japan revs up its Indochina diplomacy
Amid intensifying rivalry between Tokyo and Beijing over influence in Asia, Japan is revving up its drive to strengthen relations with countries in Indochina, an economically backward but geopolitically important part of the region. The target countries are Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, which are collectively referred to as the "CLV" countries.
Japan eyes investment treaty with Cambodia, Laos
Japan is considering starting negotiations on signing a bilateral investment treaty with Cambodia and Laos to promote the entry of Japanese businesses in the developing economies’ markets.
Asean can thwart economic hegemony through FTA, says Laos
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the six East Asean members as proposed by Japan can help thwart the rich nations’ economic hegemony in the region, said Laos Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Nam Viyaketh.
Free-trade agreement with Laos not in cards, US official says
The United States has no plans to negotiate a free-trade agreement with Laos, according to the new US trade representative Susan Schwab. "That isn’t even in the cards," she said.
Japan to be less demanding on FTAs with Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Japan will not demand as much market opening in negotiations on free trade agreements with Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, compared with talks with the more developed members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, it was learned Monday.
Viet Nam, Laos sign bilateral agreement for 2002
Viet Nam’s Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and his Lao counterpart, Thonglune Sisoulit, today, Jan. 15, signed in Vientiane an agreement on economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation for 2002 between the two countries.