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Latin America

ISDS in numbers
Impacts of investment arbitration against Latin America and the Carribbean.
A Belt and Road for the Americas?
As Canada, Mexico, and the United States focus on the next round of negotiations on NAFTA, governments in the rest of the Americas are grappling with a more fundamental question about trade. Who will be their dominant trade partner in the future: the US, Europe, or China?
What to do about the EU’s new trade agenda in Latin America?
About ten years ago, the European Union (EU) introduced Global Europe, its most ambitious trade policy strategy to date. It was intended to open up new markets worldwide through new bilateral trade and investment agreements.
Peru free trade agreement could help India diversify in LatAm region
A proposed comprehensive free trade agreement between India and Peru covering goods, services and investments may not only raise India’s export volumes to the western South American nation
International arbitration news round-up
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela
Call to action! Let’s put a stop to the WTO’s agenda and to Free Trade Agreements and investment provisions!
Let’s build commercial relations that serve peoples’ interests and protect the environment! In 2017, let’s bring the ‘battle in Seattle’ to Buenos Aires!
Let Latin America turn to China to counter Trump
The country could replace the US as the region’s major trading partner if the president-elect follows through with his protectionist policies.
What will the Trump presidency mean for Latin America?
There has been no overarching ‘Latin America’ policy under the outgoing administration. This overall situation will largely remain the same under the Trump administration.
India aggressively pursuing trade prospects with LAC
India is aggressively pursuing trade prospects with Latin American Countries (LAC) as the engagement with these countries have gained further momentum with recent developments that have taken place.
Interview: Regional integration more urgent for LatAm to face rise of "mega-blocs"
Emerging giant trade blocs around the world make it "more urgent" than ever for Latin American countries to achieve regional integration and compete, a United Nations officer has told Xinhua in a recent interview.
Why mining corporations love trade deals
From the salmon-spawning waters of Alaska to the cloud forests of Ecuador, communities are standing up to mining projects that threaten their health, environment, and livelihoods.
Civil society in Latin America campaigns against Trans-Pacific Partnership
Civil society organisations from Chile, Mexico and Peru are pressing their legislatures and those of other countries not to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
TPP: Integration or finance and profit?
The last ten years have left in our America important elements for reflecting on continental integration, and respecting the recent agreement of the Transpacific Economic Partnership (TPP), which has 12 state parties.
Indigenous Peoples’ land and resource rights in Latin America
The impacts of free trade agreements.
South America forms alternative to free trade kangaroo courts
Experts from UNASUR met in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo in order to finalize and sign agreements regarding the proposed center for investigation of international settlement dispute cases.
Latin American Parliament supports Ecuador against US oil company
The resolution calls for an international forum on the implementation of measures to better protect the rights of sovereign countries from exploitative multinationals.
Ten years after the defeat of the free trade area of the Americas (FTAA) – lessons for current struggles
This month marks the tenth anniversary of the defeat of the FTAA. What can we learn from that victory and the subsequent corporate counter-offensive in Latin America for our current global struggles against free trade and corporate power?
Open letter to the governments of EU-CELAC
Statement from diverse collectives and organizations from Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting in Brussels around the Days of Mobilization for Peoples Sovereignty against TNC Corporate power and the Architecture of Impunity established through Free Trade and Investment Treaties, during the second EU-CELAC summit.
Counter-summit: Trade relations between European Union and Latin America
Under the title "Days of Mobilization: Reclaiming Peoples’ Sovereignty against the Corporate-led Trade and Investment Architecture" a counter summit is taking place with many activities on 8 - 10 June 2015, right before the official EU-CELAC-Summit hosted in Brussels this year (10 - 11 June 2015).