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North Macedonia

North Macedonia and UK sign partnership, trade and cooperation agreement
The UK has signed a partnership, trade and cooperation agreement with North Macedonia.
Ukraine- President forms delegation to review free trade agreement with North Macedonia
President of Ukraine has formed a delegation to take part in negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia on revision of the free trade agreement.
Ukraine, Macedonia to review FTA conditions in near future
Ukraine and Macedonia will hold a round of negotiations on the revision of the provisions of the free trade agreement concluded in 2001.
Brussels Halts Free Trade Agreement with Macedonia
Brussels has refused to renew the duty-free agreement with Macedonia. The free export resolution expired in December last year and documents for its renewal have not been prepared yet.
Bulgaria and Macedonia sign economic co-operation agreement
Bulgaria and Macedonia signed an economic cooperation agreement on December 15 2008, Bulgarian news agency Focus said.
CEFTA needs one more ratification
The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) needs one more country to ratify it before it can take effect.
Agreement liberalises trade between Macedonia and Serbia
"Any Free Trade Agreement can only contribute to strengthening regional co-operation, and we only expect positive results from that," said Macedonian Economy Minister Fatmir Besimi. [Macedonia Government]
Regional free trade agreement looms
Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Moldavia are expected to become a unique free trade zone by the end of 2007.
EU backs southeast Europe free-trade pact in 2006
The European Union will give strong support to efforts by the continent’s southeastern countries, most of them in the Balkans, to sign a regional free trade deal this year, EU officials said on Monday.
EU eyes free trade zone in Balkans
The European Commission has proposed replacing the existing web of bilateral trade agreements in the Balkans with a regional free trade agreement — a move it says would boost economic prospects. However, the idea has met with opposition in Croatia.
Balkans: On different roads to EU
All Balkans countries are headed for European Union membership, but they are taking different roads, and at differing pace.
Free trade
THE idea of a Balkan General Free Trade Agreement, to replace existing bilateral free trade agreements, received support at an Athens meeting of the Association of Balkan Chambers, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) said on December 12.
Macedonia, Serbia/Montenegro sign free trade agreement
Macedonian Minister of Economy Fatmir Besimi and Serbia/Montenegro Minister on International Economic Relations Predrag Ivanovic signed Friday a Free Trade Agreement, which envisages full liberalization of trade between Macedonia and Serbia/Montenegro.
Macedonian Government endorses FTA with Kosovo
The Macedonian Government has endorsed on Thursday the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Kosovo, although Kosovar side has initiated its implementation a month ago.