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Cashing in on our pharmaceutical expertise
One important provision in a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement could be the establishment of a Medicines Working Committee. This committee would facilitate cooperation, collaborations and joint ventures between Australian and Chinese pharmaceutical regulators, clinical trial and biotechnology researchers, as well as generic manufacturers.
US firm on IP rights protection
US chief negotiator Barbara Weisel assured that the FTA agreement would not affect drug prices in Thailand.
US hails progress in Thailand talks
US negotiators on Friday wound up a third round of negotiations with their Thai counterparts on a proposed free trade agreement, saying they were pleased with the progress made.
1,200 march to urge dropping of intellectual property from US-Thai deal
More than 1,200 Thai farmers, slum dwellers and HIV/Aids patients from 30 civic groups staged a six-kilometre walkathon yesterday from a temple in Jomthien to the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel to drive home their demand that intellectual property rights be removed from free trade talks with the United States.
Silence on Thai-US FTA broken: 1,500 people said NO to FTA!
It took over a thousand and five hundred people blowing their whistle for the Thai government to come out and listen to its people. But did Mr. Nitya Pibulsongkram, head of the Thai negotiating team for the Thai-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA), actually hear them?
Thai-US FTA will make medicine unaffordable
A Democrat Party MP has expressed fresh concerns over the possible social and economic implications of the free trade agreement currently being negotiated between Thailand and the US.
Warning on cost of vitamins under US FTA
The cost of vitamins could rise by 8% under the Australia-United States free trade agreement, vitamin makers have warned.
CAFTA’s profit motive
The fundamental reality of most of the US’ trade accords is that they are designed to maximize corporate profits no matter the cost to the peoples of the signatory nations.
Sandinistas say FTA bad for health
Sandinista National Liberation Front legislators will present a minority report against ratification of the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the United States, Nicaraguan Congresswoman Alba Palacio said.
Thai govt urged to remove medicines from FTA deals
Non governmental organizations (NGOs) yesterday made an impassioned plea to the government to remove the subject of medicines from negotiations on the proposed Thai-US free trade area (FTA), warning that Thai patients suffering from chronic conditions could be hit with sky-high costs for medication.
Open letter from civil society on the US-Thailand FTA negotiations
On 4-8 April 2005, negotiations on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Thai and the US will take place in Pattaya. Following two previous rounds in Hawaii, the US is expected to submit demands on remaining issues, the most important of which is the issue of patents. This is a sign-on statement to call on the Thai government to halt the third round of negotiations in order to conduct a through review of the outstanding points and the negotiating position towards the FTA.
Global bully goes to Guatemala
The global bully, the United States, has just coerced Guatemala, its latest victim, into repealing an important law to lower the price of pharmaceuticals and promote generic competition. The U.S. ambassador to Guatemala acknowledged that the Guatemalan law was intended to advance public health objectives. But, no matter, he said — U.S. commercial interests in the form of Big Pharma demanded that the law go.
Drug deal gone bad
A group of US companies, represented by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), has expressed concern regarding approval by the Egyptian Ministry of Health for some 500 generic versions of patented drugs.
Southern African countries have taken firm stand against EFTA demands on intellectual property rights in free trade agreement
A letter sent by South African Trade Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa to the Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa confirms that the demand of EFTA Countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) to include provisions on intellectual property rights relating to medicines and agriculture in the Free Trade Agreement with SACU (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland) has been rejected.
Clash continues on US-Central America trade deal
Protection of pharmaceutical patents may not be the biggest reason the Bush administration is struggling to line up congressional votes for a free trade agreement with five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic, but it remains critical to its passage.
Egypt must resist pressures from American pharmaceuticals
The current government seems so eager to reach a free-trade agreement with the US that we fear it might be willing to forfeit Egyptian citizens’ right to health.
FTA with USA can cause division among Andean Nations
Medicine patents are threatening unity among Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the United States
US yet to act on FTA amendments
The United States has yet to follow through on threats to challenge amendments made to the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement.
A world united? The US approach to the protection of regulatory data
The US has been using Free Trade Agreements to push a US-style system for data exclusivity.
Trade agreement hits snag on Guatemala law
The USTR’s Office said Friday that Guatemala violated the terms of a pending Central American trade agreement with a new pharmaceutical data law the United States objects to.