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European Parliament backs deeper political and economic ties with Chile
MEPs approved the EU-Chile Advanced Framework Agreement and its complementing deal on trade and investment liberalisation.
First Quantum Seeks $20 Billion From Panama in Free Trade Case
First Quantum Minerals Ltd. is seeking $20 billion from Panama in a free trade arbitration case after the Central American nation shut down the company’s flagship copper mine late last year.
‘Litigation terrorism’: the obscure tool that corporations are using against green laws
Investor-State Dispute Settlements are legal, huge and often hush-hush – and fossil fuel firms and others are using them to hold the planet to ransom.
Tanzania’s attempt to strike out Indiana’s compensation fails to score
Indiana Resources is closer to recovering its historical sunk investment for the unlawful expropriation of the Ntaka Hill nickel sulphide project after the ICSID struck out most of Tanzania’s grounds for requesting the annulment of the award.
How a US mining firm sued Mexico for billions – for trying to protect its own seabed
Local fishers helped halt underwater mining off Baja California’s coast in 2018. But then an obscure international legal process was put into motion.
Their mines ruined communities. Now they want compensation
In Colombia, lawsuits by foreign corporations are obstructing a fossil fuel phase-out at the expense of the indigenous Wayúu community.
Government reforms face corporate backlash in Honduras
As President Xiomara Castro’s administration works to mitigate the fallout of the post-coup years, transnational companies are lining up to sue the state for lost profits.
What happens when a country says ‘no’ to mining?
The battle between a Canadian mining company and Panama over one of the richest copper-gold mines in the Americas is headed to international arbitration – exposing Canada’s double standard when it comes to promoting free trade in the Global South.
Panama sued by 3+ mining companies after supreme court rules mining contract unconstitutional
Panama is facing at least three Investor-State Dispute Settlement cases from mining investors who claim that their investments have been affected by the decision.
Panthera subsidiary notifies Indian government over Bhukia dispute
Panthera, a gold exploration company with assets in India, said that its subsidiary Indo Gold Pty Ltd had issued a notice of dispute to the Indian government over the latter’s breach of the 1999 Australia-India bilateral investment treaty.
Tanzania commits to pay Indiana Resources $118 million if ...
Tanzania has made a commitment to pay Australian mining firm Indiana Resources Limited and its subsidiaries $118 million if the country loses in the final decision of the annulment application.
Looking for lithium in the Andes — Peru is key to India’s Latin America push
India has been pursuing a trade agreement with Peru since 2017. The two countries held the 6th round of negotiations last month and talks are scheduled to be held again in December.
First Quantum warns of arbitration as Panama weighs copper contract
Canada’s First Quantum intends to start arbitration against Panama, the Central American nation’s trade ministry and the company said, as Panama’s top court considers annulling a copper contract that opponents call unfair.
Cadence Minerals Plc – Sonora lithium investment update – Request for treaty negotiations with Mexico
Cadence Minerals and its subsidiary REM Mexico Limited have issued a request for consultations and negotiations to the Government of Mexico under the United Kingdom-Mexico Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Abyssinian launches legal dispute against State JV partner in Ethiopia
Mining corporations have taken steps to issue a notice and dispute and request for negotiations to the Ethiopian government over concerns at measures taken against Abyssinian’s investments in the Kenticha lithium and tantalum project in the country.
Clive Palmer uses another trade agreement to sue Australia, again, for $A69 billion over refusal of Waratah coal mine permit
Billionaire Clive Palmer is using the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism against Australia because the permits for a coal mining project were refused for environmental reasons, including their contribution to increased carbon emissions.
Exclusive: US, Indonesia to discuss potential for deal on EV minerals
Indonesia, which has the world’s biggest nickel ore reserves, in September asked the United States to begin discussions for a trade deal for critical minerals so that exports from the Southeast Asian country can be covered under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
Arbitration court favors Bolivia in dispute with mining company
The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in favor of Bolivia, denying any compensation to the American mining company Orlandini for the revocation of concessions.
US senators oppose Indonesia FTA that paves way for nickel subsidies
US lawmakers have expressed concern about signing a limited free trade agreement with Indonesia, as the country’s mining and refining industry is dominated by companies from China.
Why this Canadian-owned copper mine is facing fierce opposition in Panama​​
First Quantum notified the government of its intent to initiate arbitration under the Canada-Panama Free Trade Agreement in 2022, during the contract’s negotiation process.