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IBON tells DENR to be firm vs big miners
Mining firms should not resort to international arbitration in forcing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to revoke its decision to suspend 28 mines and cancel 75 mineral-production sharing agreements.
ICSID rules in favour of Tethyan over Reko Diq project
The ICSID tribunal rejected Pakistan’s final defence against liability and confirmed that Pakistan had violated several provisions of its bilateral investment treaty with Australia
Freeport’s threat of arbitration simply a ploy to block mining reform
International arbitration within the investor-state-dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism has become a powerful weapon exploited by MNCs to circumvent national regulations and bully governments
Pressure grows on mining giant to pay $8 million to El Salvador
Over 280 organizations from around the world sent an open letter to Canadian-Australian mining giant OceanaGold demanding that the company adhere to an earlier ruling that ordered the company to pay the government of El Salvador US$8 million
Govt asked to ignore Freeport’s lawsuit threat
The Indonesian Institute for Global Justice has asked the government to consistently apply the state regulation number 4 of 2009 and ignore Freeports threat to bring its legal dispute with the government to the International Court of Arbitration.
Freeport warns of arbitration as Indonesia mining dispute escalates
U.S. mining giant Freeport warned it could take the Indonesian government to arbitration and seek damages over a contractual dispute that has halted operations at the world’s second-biggest copper mine.
Romania seeks World Heritage status for Transylvania village in gold mine row
Romania has asked the United Nations to make a Transylvanian village boasting 18th century houses and intact Roman mining shafts into a World Heritage site in move that could protect it from a gold mine project.
When you thought trade deals could not get any worse — enter Wall Street
What connects two proposed gold mines, one in the high-altitude wetlands of Colombia and one in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania?
Winning arbitration case
The Indonesian government should stick to its policy of removing the investor-state dispute-settlement (ISDS) mechanism from its bilateral investment or trade treaties.
Eco Oro files request for arbitration against Colombia
The claim relates to Eco Oro’s dispute with Colombia in relation to State measures that have destroyed the value of its investments in the Colombian mining sector.
Churchill Mining’s $1bn claim against Indonesia struck off
A tribunal has struck out a claim by Churchill Mining for damages after Indonesia’s government revoked its licence for a coal project.
El Salvador’s win against the US mining company Pacific Rim : a very nuanced victory
The ICSID decided in favour of El Salvador in a case brought by the US mining company Pacific Rim Cayman regarding a dispute over the granting of a mining licence.
Row over Romania’s land of Dracula and gold spills onto new international stage
A battle over plans to build a huge gold mine in Rosia Montana, a Romanian village boasting intact Roman mining shafts and 18th century houses, has moved to an international stage.
El Salvador lessons for the TPP fight
In a tale of people power over corporate power, a tribunal has ruled against a global company in a case over mining rights. Now we need to block trade deals that allow these “investor-state” lawsuits.
Secret arbitration system affecting Romanian community
Protests against the Rosia Montana mine project continued for more than 15 years and resulted in the largest demonstrations in Romania since the late 1980’s.
Philippine Government’s crackdown on nickel mining - Arbitration options for foreign investors
The viability of the Filipino nickel industry is in a state of flux following President Rodrigo Duterte’s national audit of the country’s forty mines. Lawyers explore ISDS options.
After seven years and millions of dollars, decision announced in Pac Rim mining company vs. El Salvador
Coalition of groups state “there are no winners," investor-state arbitration subverts democracy.
Romania’s government agrees to a complete lack of transparency in the Rosia Montana arbitration case
In disregard with official requests, Romania’s government and Gabriel Resources decided to play out their dispute behind closed doors.
The billion dollar ultimatum
International corporations that want to intimidate countries have access to a private legal system designed just for them. And to unlock its power, sometimes all it takes is a threat.
Venezuela ordered to pay Canadian miner Rusoro more than $ 1.2 billion
An international arbitration tribunal has ordered Venezuela to pay a Vancouver-based mining company more than $1.2 billion for expropriating its gold mines.