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Moroccan exporters: free trade with US did not profit Morocco
The free trade agreement between Morocco and the US has not been beneficial to Moroccan exporters, given the size of the US market and the complex procedures yet unfamiliar to Moroccan companies.
European Parliament disregards Court and adopts Morocco fish deal
European Parliament has voted in favour of the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement that will be applied to the waters of occupied Western Sahara.
Morocco-EU Agreement: Polisario Front to again refer to European court
The Polisario Front has decided to again take the controversial EU-Morocco trade agreement including the Sahrawi territories before the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
EU parliament backs Morocco deal despite row
Efforts to debate the agreement at the plenary were blocked amid political infighting on whether to support the agricultural pact, which seeks to extend into the disputed territory of the Western Sahara.
On Morocco, will the EU ignore its own court?
How can the EU claim it does not recognise Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara yet negotiated the terms of the deal and its implementation exclusively with Rabat?
MEP seeks signatures against Morocco-EU agriculture agreement
As the European Parliament prepares to deliver its final vote on the EU-Morocco agriculture agreement, some pro-Polisario forces from within the European body are again challenging the validity of the agreement.
Misleading and false INTA report as basis for Parliamentary vote
The report of the Parliament’s International Trade Committee (INTA) that serves as a basis for the vote on the extension of the EU-Morocco trade deal into occupied Western Sahara contains highly misleading and false claims.
German company requests arbitration with Morocco at World Bank agency
A metallurgical industry project is the center of the dispute.
US beef gains new market access in Morocco
Morocco has agreed to allow imports of US beef and beef products into Morocco, under the terms of the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement.
Time for EU to stop being bystander in Western Sahara
The EU has sadly afforded preferential treatment to Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara including by knowingly excluding from the trade talks the thousands of Saharawis forced to live in exile in refugee camps as a result of the occupation.
Now Carlyle turns to ICSID over $400 million SAMIR claim
Already faced with an arbitration case at ICSID brought by the company’s former owner, Morocco now faces another started on August 22 by giant US asset management group Carlyle.
Morocco agrees to accept US poultry: USTR, USDA
Morocco has agreed to accept imports of American poultry products for the first time, the US Trade Representative’s office and the US Department of Agriculture said, estimating initial annual shipments at about $10 million.
EU Court confirms: Western Sahara not part of EU-Morocco fish deal
For a third consecutive time in less than three years, the Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that the EU’s policy of incorporating Western Sahara into its bilateral agreements with Morocco is unlawful.
EU fisheries deal with Morocco sparks criticism over inclusion of Western Sahara waters
A fresh legal row may be brewing over the EU’s trade links with Morocco, after the two sides finalised a controversial new fisheries agreement, following almost three months of negotiations.
Morocco, EU finalize new fisheries agreement
Morocco and the European Union have finalized a new fisheries agreement.
Caught fishing illegally in occupied Western Sahara
Several EU-flagged vessels have blatantly ignored and violated the EU Court judgment invalidating the EU-Morocco fish agreement in Western Sahara.
Polisario condemns Council’s approval of Western Sahara trade deal
The Western Sahara liberation movement, Frente Polisario, has issued a statement condemning today’s EU Council decision to include Western Sahara in the Morocco trade agreement.
The Commission’s proposals to correct EU-Morocco relations and the EU’s obligation not to recognise as lawful the ‘illegal situation’ in Western Sahara
The proposals violate the EU and its Member States’ obligation of non-recognition of Morocco’s breaches: the right to self-determination of people, the prohibition on aggression, and some of the ‘intransgressible rules’ of international humanitarian law.
EU-Morocco deal: EU is misguiding the Member States, warns WSRW
The Commission tries to misguide the Member States concerning the consultation process launched to "comply" with the European Court of Justice, which had rejected the inclusion of Western Sahara in the EU-Morocco Association Agreement.
EU Parliament critical of Commission’s Western Sahara approach
The EU Commission received heavy critique from the European Parliament for its suggestion to include occupied Western Sahara in a trade deal with Morocco.