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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

Official: Mexico open to new NAFTA talks
The Mexican government dismisses talk of disbanding NAFTA as politics, the country’s economy minister said Friday, but it would back the idea of a new round of North American trade talks, with the aim of including issues such as the environment and labor.
NAFTA and the elephant in the room
The biggest challenge now to our networks is not to centralize the struggle and the critique but to understand our differences. We have a pretty good understanding of the architecture built by NAFTA and added onto in the SPP. We need to continue to work together to analyze its foundations and mainstays.
Tomatoes or children?
It is gratifying that our government will go to such lengths to stamp out a dangerous bacterium. It is less encouraging to know that the inspectors were not looking at massive labor rights violations, especially the systematic employment of young children in hazardous conditions, which have existed in the tomato industry for decades.
Free trade’s false promises
According to new estimates by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America, the US-Colombia free trade agreement will actually make Colombia worse off by up to $75m or one-tenth of 1% of its GDP.
Canadians can restore their rights and freedoms by cancelling NAFTA
The selling of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to Canadians was based upon a basic fundamental lie. That lie is that there was no free exchange of goods and services between Canada and the United States until the late 1980’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA), that spawned NAFTA. Canadians have accordingly been conned into a belief that the cancelling of NAFTA would result in the subsequent collapse of the Canadian economy.
Dead end for free trade
NAFTA was meant to deliver timely, unfettered access to Canada’s biggest trading partner. Instead, delays are longer, costs are higher, and business models are breaking down, Barrie McKenna writes
Feds Defend Trade Pacts
Federal officials and business leaders this week dismissed calls by the Democratic presidential candidates to renegotiate NAFTA, saying free trade deals help American small businesses and the U.S. economy grow.
NAFTA prohibits collective bargaining in North Carolina
Male and female workers in North Carolina, USA, request the right to freedom of association to carry out collective bargaining and to choose their representatives in every work centre.
US election looms over North American summit
With the US election looming over their annual summit, North American leaders gather in New Orleans this week for what is expected to be a largely symbolic meeting overshadowed by questions about free trade.
Business executives plan to stress free trade to Bush, Harper, Calderon
Leading business executives from Canada, US and Mexico will try to rally NAFTA leaders against increasing protectionist sentiment next week by issuing a call for greater co-operation in the face of cries by Democratic presidential candidates to review free trade.
Colombia Trade Deal Splits Clintons
The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that her husband, the former president, supports a free trade agreement with Colombia that she strenuously opposes.
Concern grows over global trade regulation
Amid the noisy battering the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) is taking from both Democratic presidential hopefuls, one recent statement from Hillary Clinton was particularly resonant. "We will have a very clear view of how we’re going to review Nafta," the New York senator said. "We’re going to take out the ability of foreign companies to sue us because of what we do to protect our workers."
Will US trade policy again trump public health?
The Bay Area in California has been in an uproar over the proposed light brown apple moth program, which involves aerial spraying of an untested synthetic pheromone-based pesticide, because of quarantines invoked by Mexico and Canada under NAFTA.
NAFTA clause that allows companies to sue governments draws flak
When agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland Co. quietly filed court documents this month to overturn — and increase — a multi-million-dollar trade penalty it won against the Mexican government, the move shone a light on Chapter 11, perhaps the most controversial clause in the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The Colombia trap
There have been a lot of surprising developments in recent days on the Colombia FTA, most recently with Dem leadership seeming to be suggesting that there could be a vote on the Colombia FTA if there is more trade adjustment assistance. (As we’ve argued before, it’s hard to get all worked up for TAA, because it is highly inadequate to the scope of the problem, but that’s for another time.)
“Without corn, there is no country”
International Women’s Day marchers target NAFTA and free trade on the streets of San Cristóbal, Chiapas
What does "NAFTA-gate" mean for social movements?
The current discussion of renegotiation of NAFTA presents a challenge for social movements, many of which prefer abrogation. But one thing it definitely offers is an opportunity to organize.
Agriculture officials have beef with Mexico-Canada trade agreement
Mexico and the US Department of Agriculture are negotiating a trade agreement that would presumably pave the way for the export of US breeding stock. The announcement comes on the heels of a trade agreement last week that includes breeding stock between Mexico and Canada.
Parliamentarians from the three NAFTA countries announce taskforce on NAFTA renegotiation
Following a conference held on March 5th at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which took a critical look at how NAFTA has impacted the North American region, legislators from Canada, the US and Mexico agreed today to launch a Task Force to push for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Jean Charest disturbed by U.S. talk of reopening free-trade deal
Premier Jean Charest is using talk of reopening the North American free-trade deal to help his efforts to get a free-trade accord between Canada and the European Union.