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NMA seeks fair trade within Sacu
The Namibian Manufacturers’ Association (NMA) has spoken out against competition issues and unfair trade practices in the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu).
Namibia: Beef deadline looms
The deadline is looming for the day when the preferential treatment that Namibia has enjoyed for its beef, lamb and table grape exports to the European Union ends on January 1 2008.
Commercial accord with Namibia published
An economic cooperation agreement between the Angolan and Namibian governments, aimed at the promotion and development of trade relations between both countries in this field, was recently published.
Local businesses stumble over Angola visas
The issue of trade visas, transfer pricing of goods and the long outstanding issue of the Bilateral Investment Agreement between Namibia and Angola are some of the challenges facing businesses in the country.
Our negotiators in the EPA with EU have to stand their ground
Negotiators in the expected Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with European Union (EU) will have to stand their ground if they are to give Namibia a better deal from the EU, -more especially if they do not want to give the country a replica of the Free Trade Area (FTA) component, to which the country is already subjected, under the Trade Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) that the EU has with South Africa.
US-SACU trade talks takes on centre stage
The fourth round of negotiations between the Southern African Customs Union and the US took place this weekend in Walvis Bay, Namibia.