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Peru president in US to sign FTA
Peru’s President Alejandro Toledo is in the United States for four days, during which he and George W Bush will be present to sign a free trade treaty in spite of considerable Peruvian demands against it.
US, Peru sign free trade agreement
The United States and Peru on Wednesday signed a free trade agreement that the US administration said will lead to increased prosperity in both countries.
Democrats urge labor clause in Peru FTA
The Bush administration should include a provision in a proposed free-trade pact with Peru that the South American country meet international labor standards, a group of congressional Democrats said on Friday.
US presses Peru on farm imports before signing deal
The United States is pressing Peru to remove technical barriers to US agricultural products concerning food safety before the two countries sign a bilateral free trade deal, a senior US lawmaker said on Monday.
The US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA): The intellectual property provisions
Report of the US government’s Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Rights (ITAC-15)
Peru torn over FTA with US
Peruvians are divided Friday on the possible ratification of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with United States, because businesspeople insist on implementing it, but agricultural farmers reject it.
Peru, Colombia spark free-trade-pact déjà vu
Capitol Hill is starting to feel the pangs of trade déjà vu as two pending Latin American free-trade agreements prompt Democrats to demand stronger labor standards and business lobbyists push back.
US-Peru FTA in jeopardy
A trade agreement between the United States and Peru could be rejected in Congress because of Peru’s weak labor record and the agreement’s lack of labor provisions.
Peru trade deal probed over labor rights
The Peruvian government is hoping to swiftly complete a free trade agreement with the United States despite reports by the U.S. government that point to inadequate labor rights in the region that do little to protect workers.
Peruvian farm orgs protest FTA
More than 30 agricultural organizations in Peru announced a national strike against possible signing of a free trade agreement with the United States, which they believe would severely affect them.
Peru, Chile begin negotiations on cross-border services, investments
Chile and Peru began another round of negotiations on Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) on Monday, and discussed in particular cross-border services and investments.
US sugar producers support Peru agreement
Here’s a switch. US sugar farmers are supporting a proposed US/Peru Free Trade Agreement. They’ve been solidly against FTAs in the past.
Free trade agreements and Labour: Much more than a Labour Clause
The FTA signed between Peru and the US has 24 chapters. One of these is a labor chapter that is identical to that found in the US-Colombia FTA and the US-Ecuador. On the subject of including this chapter, it is necessary to analyze the impact of signing this Treaty on labor and employment conditions for Colombians.
Peru - Farmers ask for referendum free trade agreement
The National Agricultural Convention (CONVEAGRO) will present 40,000 signatures at the National Electoral Jury to back up their demand to submit signing of a free trade agreement with the US to a national referendum.
IP standards in US-Peru FTA to affect talks with Colombia and Ecuador?
Critics argue that the biodiversity provisions in the US-Peru FTA do not improve the status quo to effectively tackle concerns over misappropriation of biodiversity and TK.
US pressures Peru on free trade deal
The United States said on Wednesday it would not renew a favorable tariff pact with Peru unless the country ratifies a free trade pact agreed on between the two sides in December.
Peru endorsed Miami as site of free trade pact secretariat
President Alejandro Toledo endorsed Miami as the headquarters for a proposed free trade secretariat as Florida Gov. Jeb Bush completed a two-day trade visit to Ecuador and Peru.
Bush plans to advance US-Peru trade pact
President George W. Bush notified Congress on Friday of his plan to sign a trade agreement with Peru, a pact the administration views as a step in advancing commerce within the Western Hemisphere.
US-Peru FTA (2005)
Colombia congratulates Peru on free trade deal with US
Colombia’s government congratulated Peru on closing a free trade deal with the US, but said some of the issues that it has regarding a similar agreement with the US still need to be resolved.