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Peru pushes for speedy US FTA consent

Peru Pushes for Speedy US FTA Consent

Lima, Nov 8 2006 (Prensa Latina) — The Peruvian government said Wednesday it will urge the US Congress to pass the bilateral free trade agreement quickly, in light of the soon-to-be Democratic majority.

Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde said he hopes the outgoing legislators will confirm the controversial accord in December, since they will remain active until January 15.

Garcia announced a trip to the US next week to boost this process, noting not achieving this goal will create a new scenario for Peru.

International analyst Farid Kahhat explained that the Democrats have traditionally opposed trade agreements and reject this one, so possibilities for ratification are reduced, although it could be okayed if the Bush administration really pushes for it.

Pablo de la Flor, head of Peru’s negotiating team for ex President Alejandro Toledo, did not believe it had a chance for speedy approval and that the new Legislature will address the matter in January.

 source: Prensa Latina