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Seychelles hosts meeting with EU, African states on economic partnership
Seychelles is for the first time hosting negotiations between the European Union and the Eastern Southern African States that are focusing on the implementation of an interim economic partnership.
European Union to give Seychelles 10 million euros to support economic partnership agreement
The objectives of the agreement are to improve Seychelles’ capacity to manage and implement the current EPA.
Seychelles: President Michel meets with Prime Minister Modi - Seychelles is a key strategic partner for India
The two leaders discussed issues concerning defence, the Blue Economy, climate change, capacity building, investment, economic progress, as well as technology and innovation projects.
Les Seychelles et la Turquie discutent de libre-échange
Le gou­ver­ne­ment des Sey­chelles a en­ta­mé avec la Tur­quie des pour­par­lers pour la si­gna­ture d’un ac­cord de libre-​échange, qui doit ou­vrir de nou­veaux dé­bou­chés pour le sec­teur privé local, a ap­pris APA mardi dans la ca­pi­tale sey­chel­loise.
EU signs agreement with Eastern and Southern Africa
The EU has today signed an important trade agreement with four countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, namely Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Madagascar and Seychelles.
EU signs trade pact with southeast African nations
The European Union signed a temporary trade pact Saturday with Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe and Madagascar calling for tariffs on European goods to be removed over the next 15 years.