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South Africa

Policy delay hits textile industry
Policy paralysis in the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) is compounding problems for the region’s struggling clothing and textiles industry.
IBSA nations set trilateral trade target of $15 bn
Reflecting their growing economic ties, India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) have set an ambitious trade target of $15 billion between the three countries by 2010.
Financial crisis top on agenda at IBSA summit
When leaders of India, Brazil and South Africa meet next week for their annual trilateral summit, the one issue on top of their minds will be the unfolding financial crisis.
IBSA meet to talk trade on Oct 13
Business leaders from India, Brazil and South Africa are meeting here on October 13 to deliberate on trilateral trade co-operation and will also discuss issues related to tourism and student exchange programme.
SA, India in preferential trade talks
South Africa has started talks on a preferential trade agreement with India. The trade and industry department last week gazetted the launch of the trade talks for November, urging industry to make inputs in the compilation of the list of goods of export interest to SA.
IBSA to sort out issues to increase mutual cooperation
India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) is working towards sorting out procedural and infrastructural bottlenecks to increase mutual operation in key areas of energy, tourism and mining, industry body CII said on Monday.
IBSA strengthens its commitment to democracy
The "strategic alliance" that is the India-Brazil-South Africa trilateral axis is now more than simply a dialogue but a "privileged relationship" favouring a world where democracy will prevail not only in its political manifestation but also on social and cultural levels
Banished Zimbabwe farmer to sue country
South African taxpayers may have to pay millions of rands in compensation for the government’s failure to act in Zimbabwe when hundreds of white-owned farms belonging to South Africans were confiscated in 2000.
SA envoy clears mist on economic agreements
Short-term benefits brought by Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) should not stand in the way of long term prosperity and integration of the SADC region, says South Africas High Commissioner to Botswana, Mr Dikgang Moopeloa.
EU trade deals harm Africa unity - S.Africa’s Mbeki
South Africa will continue engaging with the European Union to ensure new trade agreements with African countries do not harm regional integration, President Thabo Mbeki said on Thursday.
SA Trade Negotiators Play Hardball With EU
EU trade chief Peter Mandelson dangled a carrot in front of SA’s negotiators at the weekend, hinting at greater access to European markets in exchange for SA returning to the negotiating table to resolve a standoff over a stalled regional trade deal with the EU.
Mandelson in eggdance to placate SA, Namibia
EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson spoke of a "significant development" at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ministerial meeting held in Botswana yesterday.
SA-EU Trade Row Puts Customs Union At Risk
The future of the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) hangs in the balance, even as engagement takes place at the highest political level to save the world’s oldest customs union from collapsing.
India, South Africa to discuss free trade pact
The quest for a free trade pact would be high on the agenda this week of high-level talks between South Africa and India in Pretoria, a government official said Thursday.
ANC MP accuses EU of ‘recolonising’ Africa
The biannual meeting of European and South African parliamentarians to discuss South Africa-EU relations got off to a rocky start yesterday when a top African National Congress MP accused the Europeans of recolonising Africa through EPAs.
Govt may face ‘claims worth billions’ from foreign firms
Foreign companies operating in South Africa that have lost production and ultimately profit as a result of the power supply crisis might be able to sue the government under bilateral investment treaties
No amount of EU money can right the wrongs of proposed EPAs
Europe’s EPA agenda poses a grave danger to the people and economy of South Africa.
S. Africa says "serious issues" remain in EU talks
South Africa said on Wednesday that "serious issues" needed to be addressed in African nations’ trade talks with the European Union, but it did not rule out the possibility of reaching a comprehensive deal.
Nam, SA fail to sign new EU trade deal
Namibia and South Africa were the only two southern African countries that did not sign Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) for a new trade deal with the European Union on Friday.
EU trade chief fears ’plot’ to block deal
Africa’s largest nations are trying to block the signing of the economic partnership agreements with the European Union, Peter Mandelson, EU trade commissioner has claimed.