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Sweetheart Deal
The deadline for completion of a new farm bill has been pushed back to May 16. But the endless wrangling over a piece of legislation that Congress once hoped to finish in 2007 has not induced a significant change in the thinking of those who regard it as an opportunity to lock in lush new benefits for American agricultural producers.
Millers hassled as State ups sugar imports quota
Sugar sector players have finally agreed on a raft of radical proposals aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the ailing industry ahead of full liberalisation in 2012.
Sugar industry drops bid to restrict trade
The US sugar industry announced Friday it was abandoning efforts to insert a provision in the federal farm bill that would renew restrictions on the sugar trade between the United States and Mexico.
Growers, users in NAFTA faceoff
Fourteen years after approval of the North American Free Trade Agreement, a behind-the-scenes struggle is being waged over one of its last provisions — the unrestricted trade of sugar between the United States and Mexico.
Mexico won’t curb sugar imports that increase surplus
Mexican Agriculture Minister Alberto Cardenas said the government won’t act to curb imports of US sugar that domestic producers say will add to a surplus, reducing prices and profit. Instead, Mexican and US companies should sort out their own limits, he said.
USDA says "managed" trade agreements would hurt NAFTA
Sugar producers in the US and Mexico are suggesting new trade limits and rules for sugar be considered. But USDA Under Secretary Mark Keenum, one of the dignitaries recently in Mexico to celebrate the full implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, says no single commodity should be allowed to set new trade rules.
Text of US-Mexican sugar industry deal (2008)
The US and Mexican sugar industry are trying to get a deal adopted by their governments to regulate sugar trade, now that NAFTA has dismanteled all remaining tariffs between the two countries as of 1 January 2008.
Corn growers riled by policy
US and Mexican sugar growers have agreed on a plan to control sugar trade between the two countries, now that duties on corn, sugar and other farm commodities have ended
Mexican sugar industry anxious ahead NAFTA opening
Three weeks before the United States and Mexico lift the last barriers to trade in sweeteners, sugar mill owners and cane farmers south of the border are worried they are in poor shape to compete.
Caribbean may sue to reinstate EU sugar deal
Caribbean Community leaders may try to reinstate the EU sugar protocol through an international court.
Caribbean grapples with loss of EU sugar deal
Last week, the EU unilaterally renounced a 32-year sugar protocol that had guaranteed fixed quotas and prices for ACP countries, with no clear indications of how exactly sugar will be treated in the new EPAs.
EU’s scrapping of sugar pact ’a slap in face’, says Caribbean
Caribbean trade and political officials are fuming at the European Union’s decision last Friday to scrap a 32-year-old agreement with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) sugar-exporting countries, describing the action as "a slap in the face" of the region.
Ile Maurice: Le sucre bute sur de nouveaux obstacles en Europe
L’Europe pourrait accorder des quotas régionaux pour l’exportation de sucre. Ce qui placerait le Maurice et d’autres pays d’Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique en situation de concurrence face aux gros producteurs dont le Cuba et le Brésil.
Africa: EPAs clashing with Everything-But-Arms trade scheme?
The proposed economic partnership agreements (EPAs), which are due to come into force beginning next year, may undermine the benefits of another European Union trade initiative, called Everything-But-Arms, for the sugar industry.
El Salvador approves FTA with Taiwan
Under the FTA, El Salvador could export up to 60,000 tonnes of sugar tariff-free to Taiwan each year
Kenya: Govt should be cautious in free trade negotiations
To many sugarcane-dependent families in western Kenya, January 2008 will come with adverse consequences to livelihoods and life itself as Kenya joins more efficient sugar producers in the free market regimes of COMESA and EPA.
New EU market access offer unacceptable - region’s sugar group
The Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) is calling for a substantial improvement in the current access of sugar to the European Union (EU) market.
ACP ministers unite on EU sugar deal talks
The African Caribbean Pacific sugar group has adopted a united negotiating position on the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreement.
Scholar advises ACP countries
African, Caribbean and Pacific countries need to press for increased protocol tonnage to safeguard itself, a scholar advised.
Countries determined to protect sugar benefits
The African, Carribean, Pacific countries are determined to safeguard the benefits the Sugar Protocol provided and would explore avenues to uphold its position, says ACP Sugar Ministerial chairman Dr Arvin Boolell.