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Growing sense that Caribbean-EC negotiations may be in trouble
A few days ago an influential political friend of the region asked about the current state of the negotiations between the Caribbean and the Europe for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
US sugar industry efforts to influence US positions on free trade agreements
This 2005 report describes efforts by the US sugar industry to influence US policy on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in the last 5-10 years, including tracking money spent on lobbying, identifying and summarizing papers and studies by the industry to support its position, and providing a description of the industry’s connections to policymakers.
Farmers want Comesa order extended
Sugar cane farmers have added their voice to demands that Government seeks an extension of the Comesa moratorium, which comes into effect from early next year. The Kenya Sugarcane Grower’s Union officials petitioned President Kibaki to lead the extension campaign to enable local factories and market get ready to compete with the imports from the region.
The bitterness of sugar
A round table discussion held in Barbados on April 3rd and 4th between CARICOM sugar producing countries and the European Union appeared to achieve the exact opposite of what it intended.
No change likely on sugar in FTA talks
Australia will push the United States to open its protected sugar market at the first review of the free trade agreement (FTA) between the trans-Pacific economic partners.
US sugar producers support Peru agreement
Here’s a switch. US sugar farmers are supporting a proposed US/Peru Free Trade Agreement. They’ve been solidly against FTAs in the past.
US sugar farmers say they will strongy oppose any changes to the FTA
The US Sugar Alliance, representing cane and beet farmers, says it will lobby strongly against any further opening of the US market to Australian sugar. Meantime, there are calls today for Australia to scrap the free trade agreement.
Vaile to fight US on sugar
Australia will urge the US to prise open its lucrative sugar markets as part of a fresh push to improve access for farmers under the free trade deal. The Howard Government’s renewed attempt to secure a better deal from the free trade agreement came as Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile defended lopsided results from the first year of the pact.
Statement from US sugar producers regarding US-Peru FTA
The US sugar industry strongly prefers that negotiation of sugar market access occur in the multilateral, comprehensive WTO context, where foreign subsidies can also be addressed, rather than in bilateral and regional FTAs, where subsidies are not addressed.
Andean FTA opposed by sugar interests
Speculation is that negotiations for a US-Andean FTA are nearing completion. House Ag Committee ranking member Collin Peterson of Minnesota says Administration officials may be making similar mistakes to those made in CAFTA.
Leaders agree to conclude US-Thai FTA in 2006
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and US President George W Bush agreed Monday to make vigorous efforts to reach a conclusion on the US-Thai Free Trade Agreement (FTA) next year, the leaders said in a joint statement.
2 Minnesotans hold CAFTA cards
In a showdown that could be a defining moment in President Bush’s second term, Congress is preparing to vote this week on the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). And all eyes are on two Republican congressmen from Minnesota.
CAFTA enemies outnumbered at forum
The spokesman for the sugar industry found himself outnumbered at a Wednesday forum on a proposed trade deal that the sugar folk hate and many other Louisiana business interests love.
Pros, cons of free trade with Thailand heard
Questions regarding opening up the market for sugar imports was a feature of Monday’s teleconference involving Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and members of the Thailand delegation.
11th hour deal paves way for trade pact passage
The Bush administration and key lawmakers struck an 11th hour deal with US sugar producers to shore up congressional support for a controversial trade agreement, senators said Wednesday. A full Senate vote could come as early as Thursday on the US-Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
Conversation: Rob Portman
Rob Portman, the new US trade representative, discusses the US trade deficit with China and the controversial Central America Free Trade Agreement.
Farmers want guarantee on Japan FTA
The National Farmers Federation says a free trade agreement (FTA) between Australia and Japan would be counterproductive if it did not include agriculture
Europe: support for change carries agendas
As 2005 proceeds, some Caribbean nations may find themselves faced with an unusually specific strategic choice: Europe may suggest the need to consider the relative weight they intend to give to the development of sectors such as tourism in preference to the role presently afforded to traditional agriculture.
Conrad: Sugar negotiations are a recipe for disaster
"Negotiating sugar trades in bilateral free trade agreements is a recipe for disaster for the U.S. sugar industry," warned Sen. Kent Conrad Friday.
Bush plan that critics call ’NAFTA on steroids’ stalls
President Bush’s goal for a free-trade zone encompassing the entire Western Hemisphere faces growing opposition in the United States and abroad.