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European Union fails to see strengths of Ukraine, Turkey
There were hopes that in the final stages of the EU-Ukraine FTA negotiations the EU may be ready to add a membership perspective. However, EU sources say this is not going to happen.
Crisis pushed GCC to slow down Turkey FTA talks
The global economic crisis of 2009 was a major reason behind Turkey’s stalled Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which began in 2005, Foreign Trade Undersecretariat officials have said.
Turkey willing to use Ghana as springboard to do business in Africa, says foreign trade minister
Turkey is willing to use Ghana as an operations center for its business deals in the African continent, Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan said on Wednesday.
Çağlayan blames former Turkish ministers for trade ’mistake’
Turkey is offering economic partnership agreements to potential trade partners instead of traditional free trade agreements in an attempt to bypass regulations in its customs union deal with the European Union, a Turkish minister has said.
Turkey should lobby Saudi Arabia for GCC ties
I followed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit held in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital, last week and had a chance to see firsthand how the leaders of oil-rich Gulf Arab countries conducted the meeting against the backdrop of the challenges facing the Middle East.
Lebanon and Turkey sign free trade agreement
Lebanon and Turkey signed a free trade agreement to increase bilateral trade and expand private sector cooperation, as well as to pave the way for the establishment of a free trade zone between Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.
Turkey wants to sign free trade agreement with Ukraine
Turkey is interested in expanding economic cooperation with Ukraine and introducing the visa-free regime between the two countries, Turkish Minister of Industry and Commerce Nihat Ergun has said at the Black Sea Economic Forum in Yalta, an UKRINFORM correspondent reported.
Turkey, Lebanon to sign free trade deal
Turkey and Lebanon are expected to sign several deals this week, including a partnership establishing a free-trade zone and a joint political declaration aiming toward a new high-level strategic cooperation counc
Turkey, Canada to launch free trade agreement talks
Turkey and Canada will launch talks on a free trade agreement soon, Turkey’s state minister for foreign trade said on Tuesday.
EAC, Turkey to Discuss Free Trade Pacts
The East Africa Community and Turkey will discuss trade partnerships when they meet in a business forum between September 28 and 30.
Chance for Serbian export - Agreement on free trade between Serbia and Turkey in force
On the occasion of coming into force of the Agreement, Serbian Ministry of Economy pointed out that, in addition to simplification of the export of goods, it would introduce Turkey as potential significant source of raw materials for Serbian economy in certain domains, one of which is textile industry.
Canada-Europe free trade talks prompt Turkey to jump on board
As momentum grows towards a successful Canada-European Union free trade deal, Turkey—an EU candidate linked by strong economic ties to the 27-member bloc—is now also seeking a free trade deal with Canada so its goods and companies aren’t put at a disadvantage.
EAC-Turkey free trade zone talks next month
Turkey and the East African Community will start negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement and a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement next month, the East African Business Council has announced.
Economic Council for Establishing Free Trade Zone between Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan
Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan announced the establishment of an economic council to follow up on creating a free trade zone among these countries.
Mercosur bloc signs free-trade deal with Egypt
Mercosur, a South American trade bloc that groups big agricultural exporters Brazil and Argentina, signed a free-trade deal with Egypt on Monday, Argentina’s industry minister said.
Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan sign quadripartite FTA
Turkey will join an economic bloc comprising of the Middle Eastern states such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan ahead of the protracted accession to the EU.
Turkey turns east to form free trade zone
Turkey has embarked on the road to a “Middle Eastern Union” as an alternative to the European Union, according to some observers, after Ankara unveiled its vision for a giant free-trade zone spanning from the Bosphorus to Sudan and Morocco.
Davutoğlu proposes regional trade alliance at TAC meeting
Turkey aims to create a free trade zone without visa restrictions with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum (TAC), which began in İstanbul on Thursday.
Lebanon, Syria Jordan and Turkey to set up FTA
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria agreed yesterday to set up a free trade zone based on “existing bilateral agreements and practices on free trade and visa exemption” between the parties, adding that Turkey and Lebanon were required to complete a bilateral arrangement before the four-way process could go ahead.
Israel dominates Turkey-Arab forum
Turkey’s prime minister has urged Arab nations to unite and step-up efforts to end Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip.