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Main Uruguayan parties reject US FTA
The principal political parties and movements of Uruguay rejected possible signing of a free trade agreement with the US on Thursday.
Frente Amplio rejects FTA with US
The Political Board of Uruguay’s Frente Amplio on Tuesday ratified its rejection of the US-sponsored Free Trade Agreements within the framework of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
Uruguay FM against FTA with US
Uruguayan Foreign Minister Reinaldo Gargano ratified Friday his rejection of signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US.
MERCOSUR: Uruguay sues Argentina
The Southern Common Market Claims Court is hearing Uruguay’s case against Argentina due to road blocks by Argentinean citizens on international routes.
UN court allows Uruguay pulp mill project
The United Nations’ highest court has ruled that Uruguay does not have to suspend building two giant pulp mills that neighbouring Argentina says will harm the environment.
Brazil: “new deal” for Mercosur junior members
Brazil proposed in Montevideo a “new deal” for Mercosur and requested a “credit of confidence” from Uruguay, which has bitterly complained about the group’s functioning and is moving closer to United States.
US-Uruguay Trade: Consolidate Ties Now
The U.S.-Uruguay investment treaty will boost two-way investment and commerce and help advance economic freedom in Latin America.
Uruguay: ’We are not going to sign the FTA with the US’
“We are not going to sign the TLC [Free Trade Agreement] with the United States”, said Hugo Rodriguez, secretary of the Chamber of Senators and director of the Uruguayan Socialist Party. “But we are in a difficult situation.”
South American Ministers vow to avoid TRIPS-plus measures
The Ministers of Health of ten South American countries issued a joint declaration on intellectual property committing themselves to avoid "TRIPS plus" provisions in bilateral and regional trade agreements, to facilitate the use of compulsory licensing and parallel importing and to avoid broadening the scope of patentability and the extension of patentable areas.
Uruguay moving to free-trade talks
Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez, often cited as an example of Latin America’s leftward shift, and President Bush agreed Thursday to deeper ties and talks that could lead to a free-trade pact with Washington.
Uruguay President Vazquez says Uruguay seeking improved trade ties with US
After meeting with President George W. Bush, Uruguay President Tabaré Vazquez appeared on Voice of America (VOA) to say that the two presidents had “made profound advances toward a better understanding between our two countries that will permit us to improve our commercial exchanges.”
US-Uruguay BIT (2005)
Uruguayans lose faith in Mercosur trade pact
Uruguay is looking to increase trade with the US amid mounting disappointment about the benefits of membership of the Mercosur trade bloc.
Uruguay rejects President’s plea to halt pulp mills
Under an investment treaty signed by Uruguay and Finland in 2002, Uruguay would have to pay heavy damages if it ordered the suspension of work on the Botnia factory.
US Senator: US-Uruguay free trade deal virtually sewn up
Visiting US Sen. Melquiades "Mel" Martinez, R-Fla., said during an Argentine radio interview Thursday that a free trade agreement between the US and Argentine neighbor Uruguay is virtually sewn up.
Official: Uruguay to seek US, China free trade deals - Report
The Uruguayan government plans to seek free trade agreements with the U.S. and China, Economy Minister Danilo Astori said in an interview published Thursday in a weekly Uruguayan magazine.
Uruguay Min rejects talk of US free trade deal - Report
Uruguay’s Foreign Minister Reinaldo Gargano on Friday rejected an assertion made by Economy Minister Daniel Astori that the small South American nation is seeking a free trade deal with the U.S., according to Argentine media reports.
Uruguayan congress passes investment treaty with United States
The Uruguayan government has ratified a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the United States that is intended to enhance bilateral relations as well as trade and investment ties, according to the U.S. State Department.
US, Uruguay to sign amended Bilateral Investment Treaty
The US and Uruguay will sign an amended bilateral investment treaty later Friday, the South American country’s foreign minister said.
Uruguayan Senate debates US BIT, looks for common Mercosur posture on BITs
The Uruguayan Senate remains deeply divided on whether to move forward with the ratification of a US-Uruguayan Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).