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Chavez and ALBA
Venezuelans and Latin Americans have to acknowledge that Fidel and Chavez devised, created and forged the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America/The Trade Treaty for Our People.
Nicaraguan businesspersons seek free trade agreement with Venezuela
There are concerns in Nicaragua about the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, with whom the Central American government has signed trade agreements without the participation of Nicaraguan businesspersons, DPA reported.
Peru, Venezuela likely to end trade agreement talks in July
Negotiations on a Trade and Productive Complementation Agreement between Peru and Venezuela will conclude in July, Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Eduardo Ferreyros estimated.
Venezuela formally exits Andean nations and waits for Mercosur incorporation
Venezuela formally exited the Andean Community of Nations, CAN, Friday when it stopped belonging to the free trade zone which for 38 years eliminated a full range of tariffs among its members (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia), announced the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs ministry.
US feels threatened by MERCOSUR consolidation and Venezuela’s “generosity” in the region
A US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks and published yesterday reveals the U.S.’s fear over the consolidation of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and Venezuela’s entry to the organisation.
Venezuela and Ecuador consolidate bilateral agreements, SUCRE currency system
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro met on Monday with the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, to evaluate the progress of their country’s bilateral agreements. Among the ambitious goals set during the meeting was an increase in the use of the sucre, a regional currency being used in trade between the two countries.
Political deal in Paraguay to vote for Venezuela’s incorporation to Mercosur
Venezuela’s incorporation to Mercosur as full member seems closer as the Paraguayan Senate readies to consider the issue following on political agreements worked out by President Fernando Lugo.
Gold Reserve Inc. submits $1.928 billion arbitration claim to World Bank’s ICSID
Gold Reserve’s claim alleges violations of three provisions of the Canada-Venezuela BIT culminating in the effective expropriation of Gold Reserve’s investments in the Brisas gold/copper project and the Choco 5 gold property.
Nicaragua and ALBA negotiate a People’s Trade Treaty
Nicaragua and the South American and Caribbean countries that are members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) are negotiating an integration treaty that covers economic, trade and political issues.
Colombia, Venezuela to negotiate free trade
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos unveiled that during the meeting he had with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez they agreed to continue with the creation of a judicial frame to allow free commerce between both countries.
The Caracas Manifesto reaffirms the agreement to strengthen the sovereignty of the people
"The time has come for us to take on an Economic Plan that places greater emphasis on projects and transnational companies, the People’s Trade Treaty, the sucre and the Bank of Alba as the foundational pillars for a common economic area."
Venezuela and Nicaragua progress on food security, refinery, and public health
Venezuelan and Nicaraguan officials met in Managua on Wednesday to deepen bilateral economic ties with the goal of fostering import substitution, promoting Latin American integration, and creating an economic alternative to US-dominated free trade agreements.
Argentina–Venezuela: CFK and Hugo Chavez signed trade agreements
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner qualified agreements signed with Hugo Chavez for “key sectors” such as foodstuffs, energy and technology as “absolutely necessary” and “transcendental for the 21 Century”.
The Honduran coup: Fiction and fact
Zelaya joined the Venezuelan proposed ALBA, a fair trade alternative to Washington’s now-defunct Free Trade Area of the Americas, but is no Chavez puppet, despite what the all-out PR war from Washington-based business groups claims
Venezuela and ALBA promote “new climate” in Summit of the Americas
Venezuela and the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative to the Americas (ALBA) decided not to sign the final document of the Summit of the Americas held on April 17-19 in Trinidad and Tobago, saying it excluded Cuba and offered no viable solution to the current economic crisis.
Switzerland: Signing of a bilateral framework agreement with Venezuela
The framework agreement will form the basis for the further development of bilateral economic relations and for the participation of Swiss firms in projects in Venezuela.
Venezuela summit looks at ALBA
The Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) is centering the closing day of the Seventh Social Summit for the Latin American and Caribbean Union.
Venezuela to renegotiate Dutch investment treaty
Venezuela plans to renegotiate a bilateral investment treaty with the Netherlands because oil companies have started "abusing" the agreement, Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said on Wednesday.
Experts: Exxon case has to be addressed in the ICSID
While it is a US company, Exxon Mobil is entitled to invoke protection under the Netherlands-Venezuela Investment Promotion and Protection Convention, which guarantees resolution of Exxon Mobil’s dispute with Venezuela in the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).
Paraguay backs Venezuela’s bid for full membership of Mercosur
Paraguay supports Venezuela’s bid for full membership of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), visiting Paraguayan Foreign Minister Ruben Ramirez said here Tuesday.