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Nicaraguan businesspersons seek free trade agreement with Venezuela

El Universal, Venezuela

Nicaraguan businesspersons seek free trade agreement with Venezuela

6 July 2011

There are concerns in Nicaragua about the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, with whom the Central American government has signed trade agreements without the participation of Nicaraguan businesspersons, DPA reported.

The business sector in Nicaragua insisted that the government presided over by Daniel Ortega should negotiate a free trade agreement (FTA) with Venezuela.

Entrepreneurs believe that the FTA would provide stability to bilateral trade relations, beyond current governments.

Mario Amador, the president of Nicaragua’s Chamber of Industry (Cadin), conceded that the local business sector is concerned about the negative effect that Chávez’s health could have on bilateral trade relations.

"Trade relations should be in private hands under a FTA," said the Chamber.

The main item exported by Nicaragua to the Venezuelan market is beef, which totals USD 69.8 million so far this year.

Nicaragua also exports sugar cane, green coffee beans, liquid milk, cheese, oil and fats, live cattle, among others.

Meanwhile, Alfredo Murga Rivas, Venezuela’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, said that the Caribbean oil alliance Petrocaribe, under which oil shipments at subsidized prices are paid for with commodities, will not be hit by President Hugo Chávez’s health condition, because agreements under Petrocaribe are a State’s commitment.