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What is the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR)?
The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is a deal between the US, five Central American nations — Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua — and the Dominican Republic.
Peru, Nicaragua begin free trade agreement negotiations
Peru and Nicaragua began the first round of negotiations to form a free trade agreement.
S. Korea-Central America FTA set for full implementation in March
South Korea said its free trade agreement (FTA) with a group of Central American nations will be fully implemented starting next month as Panama completed its domestic procedures.
Nicaragua confirms agreement with South Korea
Nicaragua is the first Central American country to establish a date of entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea, which is agreed for October 1, 2019.
After NAFTA fight, Trump threatens another trade battle with Central America
Now that the Trump administration has revamped the North American Free Trade Agreement, it is taking a look at kicking key countries out of its sister pact, the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
S. Korea, five central American countries to discuss cooperation
The officials will likely discuss the impact that the trade agreement could have on their economic and business relations.
Taiwan, Nicaragua review free trade pact, expand benefits
Agreement was reached during the meeting on several proposals, including the increase of sugar import quotas from Nicaragua to 60,000 metric tons a year, the statement said.
S. Korea tentatively signs FTA with 5 Central American countries
South Korea and a group of Central American countries have tentatively signed a free trade agreement.
Peru starts talks on FTA with Russia, Turkey, Israel
Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva, said that Peru has started the first talks toward an eventual free trade agreement between Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Israel.
FTA with European Union kicks in
Free trade agreements signed by the European Union with Panama, Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua came into force on Thursday August 1.
Nicaragua ratifies ALBA ‘fair trade’ treaty
On the eve of Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration in Venezuela, Sandinista lawmakers pass ECOALBA-TCP as a sign that ALBA is alive and well
US commends Nicaragua’s trade liberalization
The U.S. government is commending Nicaragua for its continued trade liberalization and integration into the global economy under the Sandinista government of President Daniel Ortega.
Mexico, Central America Sign Free Trade Agreement
The governments of Mexico and five Central American countries signed in El Salvador a free trade agreement (FTA) that unifies the existing ties in one body.
Support for EU beef farmers, in the event of a Mercosur deal, is “not enough”
Members of the European Parliament discussing the agriculture budget said that compensation for beef farmers that could face Mercosur competition, if a trade agreement is finally reached, “is not enough” and anticipated that “we will not accept sweeteners in this area”.
Nicaraguan businesspersons seek free trade agreement with Venezuela
There are concerns in Nicaragua about the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, with whom the Central American government has signed trade agreements without the participation of Nicaraguan businesspersons, DPA reported.
Central American integration —and militarization
Representatives of the governments of Mexico and the Central American countries wrapped up a fifth round of talks on a regional free trade agreement last week. The negotiations took place in Mexico City, with the next round of talks to be held in August in El Salvador.
Nicaragua joins Chile-Central America FTA
Nicaragua joined on Tuesday the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Central America, seeking to promote exports bound for the South American country.
Nicaragua and ALBA negotiate a People’s Trade Treaty
Nicaragua and the South American and Caribbean countries that are members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) are negotiating an integration treaty that covers economic, trade and political issues.
Venezuela and Nicaragua progress on food security, refinery, and public health
Venezuelan and Nicaraguan officials met in Managua on Wednesday to deepen bilateral economic ties with the goal of fostering import substitution, promoting Latin American integration, and creating an economic alternative to US-dominated free trade agreements.
Nicaragua’s Peasant Movement achieves milestone on the road towards Food Sovereignty
tThe new law establishes a legal framework to regulate the participation of transnational companies and help local organizations and governments to restore local food culture and peasant agriculture despite the CAFTA-DR "free" trade agreement