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Over a period of five years, India and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) negotiated a bilateral free trade agreement — with plenty of difficulty.

Under their initial bilateral framework agreement, signed in Bali on 8 October 2003, the India-ASEAN FTA for goods was supposed to be finalised by 30 June 2005. Negotiations on services would start in 2005 and end in 2007.

After a year’s delay, discussions ground to a halt in June 2006 when India released its ’negative list’ of items to be excluded from tariff reductions — with 900 products, both industrial and agricultural, figuring on the list. (This was down from India’s initial negative list of 1,410 items.) India’s agriculture ministry, in particular, was arguing hard to exclude commodities like rubber, pepper, tea, coffee and palm oil from the deal. Rules of origin have been the other thorny issue.

Two months later, in August 2006, Delhi issued a revised list, pruned down to 560 items. However, tremendous fears about the impacts of the India-ASEAN FTA on farmers continued to rattle the discussion.

By early 2007, in the midst of the new biofuels boom, palm oil became a central blockage point as Indonesia and Malaysia, both top palm oil exporters, struggled to get India to lower its tariffs.

On 28 August 2008, a deal was finally concluded. The agreement was signed in 2009 and took effect (trade in goods) with 5 of the countries and India in January 2010, (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Myanmar and Thailand). India is pushing – without much apparent process – for a services liberalization deal with the ASEAN countries.

last update: May 2012

Honda looks to cash in on India’s FTA with ASEAN
Japanese car major Honda Motor Company is looking to cash in on India’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the ASEAN countries to eventually make the operations here a key part of its global business.
RI eyes benefits from India pact
Indonesia may see robust growth in exports to India following the conclusion of negotiations on a free trade agreement between India and members of ASEAN, mainly crude palm oil.
FTA to curb India from hiking palm oil import duty
The much-awaited free trade agreement with Asean nations is bound to affect import and export of several commodities in India. The first one may be palm oil, which is a major commodity for India as it depends on Malaysia for its edible oil needs.
India-ASEAN FTA not to hit southern farmers, says Nath
Allaying fears of the Left-ruled Kerala that an FTA with ASEAN could harm farmers’ interest in the southern states, Commerce and Industry Minister Kamal Nath today said India cannot get isolated in the growing economies of east Asia. "They don’t even know what the agreement is," Nath said when asked to comment on Kerala’s opposition to the FTA.
ASEAN concludes free trade deal with India
ASEAN nations have concluded a deal for free trade in goods with India, the bloc’s seventh-largest trading partner, ministers said Thursday.
Junta benefits from regional economic tug-of-war
India and ASEAN have announced that talks on services and investment are set to commence next month ahead of a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) to be signed later this year. This latest step in deepening regional economic integration is further evidence of an ever expanding matrix of competing regional economic interests, which Burma finds itself at the heart of.
India, ASEAN to start talks on opening services sector
Having wrapped up long-drawn negotiations on free trade agreement for merchandise goods with ASEAN, India will push for greater market access for services and investment in the 10-nation Southeast Asian trading bloc.
Issues stalling free trade pact with Asean resolved
India has concluded negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), with the deadlock over certain ‘outstanding issues’ that were stalling the pact from taking off being finally resolved.
Asean, India agree on FTA
After three years of strenuous talks, negotiations for the free trade agreement (FTA) between Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) and India were finally concluded Thursday.
India, Indonesia close to sorting differences in ASEAN FTA
India is believed to be working out a trade off with Indonesia on palm oil, the last hurdle to a Free Trade Agreement that New Delhi has been negotiating with ASEAN for several years.