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Taiwan actively seeks bilateral free trade agreements, though it is hampered in this effort by its status vis-a-vis China. It has FTAs already with Panama (2003), Guatemala (2005), Nicaragua (2006), El Salvador (2007) and Honduras (2007). It is negotiating with Dominican Republic and Paraguay. And it hopes to negotiate further deals with Costa Rica, Israel, Swaziland, Japan, the US of course, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and Mexico. Taipei’s emphasis on Central American countries as FTA partners is to gain access to the US market under NAFTA and CAFTA. But now Taiwan is in talks with China for a possible FTA following the signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between the two governments in 2010.

last update: May 2012
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Taiwan may try to reach free trade accord with Singapore, negotiator says
“We also hope to sign FTA with countries in South East Asia and even Japan,” Taiwan’s top negotiator with China, Chiang Pin-kung, said.
U.S. recognizes Taiwan’s right to sign FTAs
U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs David Shear said Wednesday that Taiwan, as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) , is eligible to negotiate free trade agreements (FTA) with other WTO member states.
Taiwan has chance to sign FTAs with trading partners: president
Taiwan has a chance to sign free trade agreements (FTAs) or similar economic cooperation agreements with its trade partners after the signing of a trade pact with China, President Ma Ying-jeou said Thursday.
Taiwan claims right to sign FTAs as WTO member
Minister of Economic Affairs Shih Yen-shiang said yesterday that Taiwan, as a WTO member, has the right to seek free trade deals with as many countries as it chooses, a move recently strongly opposed by China.
Philippines, Singapore FTAs to follow ECFA: report
Taiwan has made strides in negotiating free trade agreements with the Philippines and Singapore, the United Evening News reported yesterday, citing an unnamed high-level source within the government.
President hopes to sign FTA with Japan
President Ma Ying-jeou said Tuesday that Japan is a major trading partner of Taiwan and that he hopes the two countries can sign a free trade agreement (FTA).
KMT should heed public’s wishes
The signature campaign for the petition to initiate a referendum on the signing of an economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with China launched by the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) along with 50 other associations is coming along smoothly. It passed the initial threshold of 86,000 signatures in a very short time and without waiting for the Central Election Committee’s decision, the campaign is now proceeding to the second stage, which requires 860,000 signatures.
Taiwan using China trade deal to sell foreign FTAs
Taiwan has leveraged its goal of a landmark trade deal with China to open talks with Japan, the United States and other powers on free trade deals expected to boost the long-isolated island economy, officials said on Friday.
Taiwan seeks closer economic ties with ASEAN
Taiwan is looking to negotiate a free-trade agreement with ASEAN as soon as it accomplishes its historic economic partnership with China, slated to be signed this June, say official and scholars.
DPP rejects ECFA report as ‘false front’
A legislative committee meeting to hear a report on the government’s proposed economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA) with China was postponed again after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers dismissed the report as a “false front.”