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Israel has signed FTAs with Canada, Colombia, EFTA, Egypt, the EU, Jordan, Mercosur, Mexico, Panama, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the US and Vietnam. It is currently negotiating an FTA with India, slated for completion in 2012, and is still eyeing possible deals with Colombia, South Korea, Russia, Thailand and the Ukraine.

last update: Septiembre 2016
photo: BDS Colombia

Israel, Mexico amended the Israel-Mexico Free-Trade Agreement of 2000
The amendment allows for goods originating in Israel or Mexico to undergo minimal processing or storage in a third country, such as the US or EU, and still retain duty-free status
Israel proposes FTA with India
Israel has proposed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India to boost burgeoning economic and bilateral ties.
Israeli industrialists’ strategy in the global supply chain
The aim of this paper is to try to understand the Israeli industrialists’ strategy in the globalization process in the course of the recent years. The new strategy was implemented in the days of the first Intifada (the Palestinian uprising) in the late 80s. At that time voices were heard in the Association of Israeli Industrialists, the strongest organization of Israeli employers, advocating an agreement with the Palestinians which would not oppose the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, as long as the Palestinian economic dependence on Israel is preserved.
Israel to attempt upgrade its EU status
Israel is examining the idea of upgrading its relations with the European Union and gaining the status of Norway and Switzerland, which although not members of the EU have free passage for people, capital and merchandise between them and the rest of the EU countries.
’There is still a lot to be done,’ EU’s Ferrero-Waldner tells Post
Despite its commitments under the Association Agreement and the European Neighbourhood Policy, the EU commissioner for external relations said, Israel "has not yet made up its mind how to work with us."
Israel, Jordan upgraded QIZ trade pact
The newly signed agreement intends to improve supervision on compliance with rules of origin under the qualified industrial zones (QIZ) treaty.
Israel mulls FTA with India
Israel is considering a free trade agreement (FTA) with India to reach a bilateral trade target of $5 billion, deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry Eliyahu Yishai has said.
Israel and Mercosur make progress on free-trade agreement
Israel and Mercosur (Mercado Comun del Sur, the Common Market of the South, comprising Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay) are making progress in negotiations for a free-trade agreement. Mercosur and Israel representatives held intensive discussions last week.
Free trade with South America a step closer
A free trade agreement between Israel and Mercosur took another step towards realization recently with the closure of a second round of talks.
Israel, Mercosur negotiating free-trade agreement
Israel has initiated negotiations for a free-trade agreement with Mercosur. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor director general Raanan Dinur said, “This is one of the most important steps Israel has taken in foreign trade in recent years.”