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New Zealand is a party to a number of completed free trade and investment agreements. These are: the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Agreement (1983); the New Zealand-Singapore Closer Economic Partnership (2001); the New Zealand-Thailand Closer Economic Partnership (2005); the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership or P4 (2005); the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (2008), the Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand free trade agreement (2009), the New Zealand-Malaysia FTA (2009),an FTA with the GCC, (2009) and the New Zealand-Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership (2010).

A New Zealand-India deal has been mooted. New Zealand’s government has indicated that it wants FTAs with Korea and Taiwan

While talk of a US-New Zealand FTA was hotly resisted and never got off the ground, partly because of New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy, the expansion of what was initially called the P4 agreement to include the US (the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement) threatens to bring important changes to New Zealand policies.

New Zealand has also signed a number of IPPAs (bilateral investment treaties) with Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, China and others.

last update: May 2012
Photo: NZ Free Trade Watch / Facebook

Trade agreement with Taiwan a first
New Zealand will today become the first OECD nation to strike a free trade deal with Taiwan, promising to remove tens of millions of dollars in annual trade tariffs faced by exporters.
Taiwan deal to save millions in duties
Tens of millions of dollars of duties on New Zealand’s exports to Taiwan will be eliminated over the next four years, after the island nation signed its first trade deal with an OECD nation.
New Zealand, Taiwan sign free trade deal
New Zealand on Wednesday signed a free trade agreement with Taiwan in a deliberately low-key ceremony designed to demonstrate the South Pacific nation’s fealty to its formal relations with mainland China.
New Zealand to ratify free trade agreement with the GCC
The New Zealand government is likely to ratify a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states within 12 months, a senior official said.
Colombian trade coup a feather in Key’s sombrero
The smile on John Key’s face widened as broad as the sombrero that Juan Manuel Santos had just given him, when the Colombian President said, "We would love to have an FTA with New Zealand when they are ready to start negotiations."
Colombia keen on free trade deal with NZ
Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos says he would like to negotiate a free trade agreement with New Zealand.
NZ consults on regional FTA
The New Zealand Government is consulting on a sixteen-nation free trade agreement between New Zealand, Australia, the ten ASEAN states, China, India, Korea and Japan (RCEP)
Free trade deal hinges on PM’s charm offensive
Vladimir Putin has serious form in the macho stakes: He’s tranquilised a Siberian tiger to save a TV crew, attached a tracking device to a polar bear, ridden horses bare-chested and was this week filmed at the sharp end of a motorised hang-glider (suitably frocked-up in a white jump suit and goggles) teaching young cranes to fly on a new migration path.
Russian FTA hangs in balance - Key
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says a free trade deal with Russia "hangs in the balance" after Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov expressed nervousness about the deal, especially the impact on agricultural exports.
Foreign lawsuits already a threat
As activists and the Government clash over the alleged inclusion of investor protections in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, a legal expert says many foreign investors already have that right


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    Government of NZ’ page on FTAs
  • Our World Is Not For Sale (New Zealand)
    The OUR WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE campaign was formed around building the protests at the September 2007 US-NZ Partnership Forum, the global justice campaign aims to build public support and organisation against the signing of any form of free trade agreement between the United States and New Zealand.