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Peru is one of the Latin American countries which, within its neoliberal economic policy approach, has gone the furthest in pursuing FTAs in recent years.

In addition to the FTA with the US and negotiation of an Association Agreement with the EU, Peru signed an FTA with Canada in January 2007.

In November 2008, it concluded negotiations on an FTA with China. Many analysts think that China’s strategy is to use Peru as a Latin American beachhead for its products.

In its frenetic race to sign FTAs, Peru is carrying on negotiations with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA, consisting of Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), Australia, India, Morocco, Israel and Russia. In addition, at the last APEC meeting in November 2008, it initiated its integration into the P4/P4 (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership).

Despite his anti-FTA discourse, Ollanta Humala, the new Peruvian president since July 2011, has been carrying out the same policy that was carried out by Alan Garcia.

In the course of 2011, Peru signed FTAs with Korea, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Guatemala and EFTA. In 2012, it is expected that the FTAs with the EU, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica will come into force.

last update: May 2012

Peru-China free trade negotiations could close in November
Peru’s minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Aráoz, considered today the possibility that negotiations with China in order to reach a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could end in November.
Peru: APEC, ‘free trade’ and Australia’s mining agenda
On November 22 this year, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders’ meeting will convene in Lima, Peru. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and a suit team will be there, pushing for greater trade “liberalisation” on behalf of Australian industrial guilds like the Minerals Council of Australia.
Peru, China to speed up bilateral free trade negotiations
Peru and China will speed up talks on reaching a bilateral Free Trade Agreement between both countries to have a pact signed before November this year, said the country’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Mercedes Araoz on Wednesday.
Peru-China free trade teams advised not to rush negotiations
The Lima Chamber of Commerce suggested today that Peru and China’s negotiating teams should not speed up the signing of a Free Trade Agreement in November as the requests of both countries have not coincided
Peru farmers block roads, Machu Picchu rail
Peruvian farmers angry at President Alan Garcia’s free-trade policies began a two-day strike on Tuesday, snarling traffic in the country’s interior and closing rail service to the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu.
Singapour/Pérou : signature d’un accord de libre-échange
Singapour et le Pérou ont signé un accord de libre-échange (ALE) pour renforcer les relations bilatérales, a annoncé vendredi le gouvernement singapourien dans un communiqué.
Peru inks FTA with Canada, Singapore
Peru has signed free-trade agreements with Canada and Singapore in a move to broaden its relations with other countries worldwide.
Peru, Singapore and Canada set to sign free trade agreement
Peru, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, will sign free-trade deals with Canada and Singapore next Thursday announced President Alan Garcia.
Peru ready for 2nd round FTA talks with China
Peru is ready for a second round of talks for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with China and has requested the presence of Peru’s Intellectual Property Institute (Indecopi) in the negotiations.
Peru, Canada sign free trade agreement
Peru and Canada have signed a free trade agreement at the the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland