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Academics branded ’anti-US over FTA research’

ABC News, Australia

Academics branded ’anti-US over FTA research’

29 July 2006

The head of the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra says there has been an attempt to silence academics who are making critical comments about issues of public importance.

Vice-chancellor Professor Ian Chubb says ANU researchers were labelled as "anti-American" after they released a study of Australia’s free trade agreement with the US, which revealed adverse results.

Professor Chubb says he received several calls suggesting the university would be unwise to promote the research.

"You have to be a particular sort of person to put your head up over the parapet when it gets knocked every time, and labels are put on you that you are uncomfortable with," Professor Chubb said.

"It’s dangerous and I think it’s pathetic."