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ALBA Alimentos to dodge food crisis

Inside Costa Rica | 19 October 2009

ALBA Alimentos to Dodge Food Crisis

CARACAS - ALBA Alimentos will emerge as a grand national project aimed at fighting the regional food crisis, said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the 7th Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

President Chavez called to boost ALBA Alimentos enterprises that will specialize in food production and distribution to help curb regional food crisis.

Chavez recalled the latest FAO report in which the ranks of Latin American poor and destitutes will soar by three million and the undernourished will retrogress 20 years.

He added that his government strives "to revert the negative trend resulting from the failure of Capitalism as ruling system."

As examples he mentioned plans to produce 100 percent of the national seed supply by 2011, to achieve total food sovereignty and become the world’s fourth gas and oil superpower relaying on certified domestic reserves.

So, Venezuela hopes "to build a new economic and financial architecture which is to be accompanied by social, economic and environmental justice," concluded Chavez.

 source: Inside Costa Rica