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Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas

10 years post “el NO” to the FTAAs, we double our resistance against free trade treaties for a project for the people.
A decade after the popular victory that led to burying the FTAAs in the City of Mar del Plata, a number of organizations and popular movements in Argentina assemble as part of a continental day
Approaches for an alternative strategy to the FTA
The major challenge consists in rescuing the sovereignty of our States, that has been chipped away in recent times by untrammelled US power and its giant corporations and by the subjugation (“by free determination”) of regimes such as those in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Regional Integration after the Failure of the Free Trade Area of the Americas
All Latin American countries talk about integration but concrete steps in the direction of achieving it are far more difficult than simple declarations.
ALBA and the FTAA: the Dilemma of Integration or Annexation
Latin American integration has caused rivers of ink to flow and provoked endless torrents of rhetoric. However, a significant issue still remains unresolved.
Alba establishes mechanisms for legal defense against arbitral claims filed by transnationals
The Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America (ALBA ) has agreed to create a new regional mechanism to provide a collaborative defence in international arbitration proceedings, notably in respect of claims filed by transnational corporations against Latin American countries.
Panamanians reiterate their desire to be part of Alba
The tenth anniversary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America was commemorated by Panamanians who aspire to participate in this project for economic, social and cultural integration, which seeks to improve quality of life for its people.
The Alba Fair hosts Venezuela Exporta in Cochabamba
Alvaro Garcia Linera, the vice president of Bolivia, was entrusted with inaugurating in Cochabamba, the Fair of Industrial Complementarity of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America – a Trade Treaty for the People (Alba – TCP)
The current economic crisis presents an opportunity for Latin American Integration
The global financial crisis which persists since 2008 and chiefly impacts the United States and Europe presents an opportunity for Latin America to strengthen its internal markets and develop an integrated economy, says Faustino Cobarrubia, an expert at the Centre for Research on the Global Economy (CIEM), Cuba.
ALBA: Anti-imperialist with already nine members
The Bolivarian Alliance of Our America held its 12th presidential meeting in Guayaquil in 2013, the first without Hugo Chavez.
Alba alliance ambitions lay bare Latin trade confusion
In the bewildering array of Latin American and Caribbean trade alliances, the left-of-centre Alba group is probably the one that attracts the least attention outside the region.
Rejecting free trade requires new forms of regionalism
Papua New Guinea’s trade Minister, Richard Maru, recently set a cat amongst the pigeons by saying that PNG was not interested in the regional trade negotiations known as PACER-Plus. “We can’t export our taro there, they won’t accept our greens...There’s nothing to be gained from a trade agreement at the moment. ‘We cannot justify the huge amount of resources we expend on such negotiations. They are a complete waste of time.”
LA social movements map solidarity with ALBA alliance
An important summit of global significance, held in Brazil May 16-20, has largely passed below the radar of most media outlets, including many left and progressive sources.
Nicaragua ratifies ALBA ‘fair trade’ treaty
On the eve of Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration in Venezuela, Sandinista lawmakers pass ECOALBA-TCP as a sign that ALBA is alive and well
Regional cooperation or ‘free trade’?
Ché Guevara once summarized “free trade” between the imperialist and underdeveloped countries as a “free fox among free chickens.”
Alba and the FTA: Poles Apart
Through its diversity, Latin America continues to reveal enormous cracks and counter-positions on how sovereignty should be exercised.
Chavez and ALBA
Venezuelans and Latin Americans have to acknowledge that Fidel and Chavez devised, created and forged the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America/The Trade Treaty for Our People.
Venezuela and Ecuador consolidate bilateral agreements, SUCRE currency system
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro met on Monday with the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, to evaluate the progress of their country’s bilateral agreements. Among the ambitious goals set during the meeting was an increase in the use of the sucre, a regional currency being used in trade between the two countries.
Nicaragua and ALBA negotiate a People’s Trade Treaty
Nicaragua and the South American and Caribbean countries that are members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) are negotiating an integration treaty that covers economic, trade and political issues.
The Bolivarian FTA
The 10th Summit of ALBA concludes with an announcement that its members undertake to speed up the conclusion of a trade agreement.
10th ALBA summit starts in Ecuador
The 10th summit of the Bolivian Alliance for the Peoples of America - People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) began on Friday in the Andean city of Otavalo, Ecuador.