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Australian PM holds FTA talks with United Arab Emirates

ABC Asia Pacific TV / Radio Australia

26 July 2005

Australian PM holds FTA talks with United Arab Emirates

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has held talks with officials from the United Arab Emirates on another Free Trade Agreement.

Our correspondent Stephanie Kennedy reports the UAE has the world’s 3rd largest oil reserves.

The UAE are large suppliers of crude oil to Australia and it is a large export market for Australian car manufacturers.

Earlier this year the two governments started negotiations on a free trade deal.

The UAE is keen to invest in Australia’s mining industry and extend links in the areas of education and financial services.

Australia also wants to expand vehicle exports and it believes a free trade agreement with the UAE would be an important launching pad for Australia into the Persian Gulf.

Mr Howard arrived in the UAE after a surprise visit to Australia troops in Iraq.

He began his overseas trip in the United States and then travelled to Britain.

 Fuente: ABC