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CIS countries to agree on free trade in services

ForUm, Ukraine

CIS countries to agree on free trade in services

13 August 2012

The Commonwealth of Independent States plans to agree on free trade in services, government’s commissioner for cooperation with the Russian Federation and the CIS countries Valeriy Muntiyan told a press conference.

According to him, the free trade area agreement within the CIS recently ratified by Ukraine provides for free trade in goods and signing of supplementary agreement on free trade in services.

He also noted that the agreement on the free trade area within the CIS has not yet entered into force, but it has been already ratified by three countries, which allows it to enter into force 30 days after these countries issue the relevant documents.

"As soon as the first stage after the filing of the application is over, a working group will be set up, and the parties begin to agree on services," Muntiyan said.

He believes that such an agreement could be signed within six months after the start of negotiations.

In addition, Muntiyan stated that the FTA agreement is beneficial for Ukraine and will bring an annual income of about 9.4 billion UAH.

He also stressed that Ukraine aims at trading with the CIS countries without any exceptions in goods. Although the FTA agreement provides for certain exceptions, it clearly defines the mechanisms for negotiations on their elimination.